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Thursday28th Oct 2021

  • News Gordy Haab's Star Wars Music Is Being Campaigned for Grammy Attention

    Battlefront 2! Squadrons!

    Star Wars is no stranger to the Grammys with just about every John Williams score made for a galaxy far, far away receiving some form of attention. So it makes some amount of sense that composer Gordy Haab is in the midst of campaigning his recent Star Wars works for Grammy consideration. Historically, the Grammys have a...

Saturday29th May 2021

  • News PS Plus June 2021 Free PS5, PS4 Games Announced

    Two new releases included

    The PlayStation Plus lineup for June 2021 has been revealed, and it's just as the leak from earlier this week told us. Next month's PS5 game is Operation: Tango, which is a co-op focused spy game. It's a brand new release, which is always a nice bonus for Plus subscribers. Operation: Tango will also launch for PS4, but PS...

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Tuesday27th Oct 2020

  • News Baby Yoda Invades Star Wars: Squadrons as TV Series Returns

    The Mandalorian is back

    The Mandalorian returns to streaming service Disney+ in just a couple of days and PlayStation 4 game Star Wars: Squadrons has decided to celebrate the start of the second season with some themed items. This will include new cockpit flairs, dashboard holograms, hanging decorations, and so much more. The obvious star of the...

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