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Monday19th Oct 2020

  • News Konami Says Legendary PS4 Demo P.T. Won't Play on PS5

    But let's wait and see

    It was only a demo at the end of the day, but it really does feel like P.T. was one of the defining releases of the PlayStation 4 era. The short “playable teaser” – which Konami used to announce the defunct Silent Hills – went on to influence dozens of games, and its presence on the PlayStation Store was so large that...

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Monday9th Sep 2019

  • News Lisa Is Constantly Right Behind You in PT

    A hacked camera reveals nightmarish trick

    The highly influential PT is one of PlayStation 4's best horror games -- it's a huge shame it was delisted when Konami cancelled Silent Hills. Despite being tiny in size, the playable teaser was big on atmosphere and jump scares, and it became an instant sensation when it was surprise released on PlayStation...

Saturday5th Jan 2019

  • News Hideo Kojima's Infamous PT Has Been Remade in Unreal Engine

    Don't look in the basin

    Before the inevitable Dreams remake emerges, here’s P.T. recreated in Unreal Engine 4 – because someone was always going to make it, right? This is an attempt at a total replica, considering Konami was so kind as to remove the original from the PlayStation Store. It features virtual reality support if you re

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Monday11th May 2015

  • News Konami Won't Even Let You Share Play P.T. on PS4


    At this point, we're convinced that Konami is just trolling. Not content with – deep breath – cancelling Silent Hills, de-listing P.T. from the PlayStation Store, and removing the license from download lists – it's now stopping people from Share Playing it, too. To be fair, this could be an infrastructure issue on Sony's end, but we...

Wednesday6th May 2015

Monday4th May 2015

  • News 70,000 People Have Signed a Silent Hills Petition

    Fans want Kojima Productions to continue development

    We already knew that some of you weren't too happy about Konami putting the nail in Silent Hills' metaphorical coffin last week, but apparently another 70,000 people feel the same way. A petition started by Yauheni Zinkevich, one of the game's early fans, comes with a letter to directors Hideo...

Wednesday29th Apr 2015

Monday27th Apr 2015

  • News Yup, Now Even Konami's Saying Silent Hills Is Done

    Rest in peace

    Konami danced around the prospect of Silent Hills' cancellation in a statement released earlier today, but in a comment to Kotaku, it's placed a final nail in the coffin. The publisher told the website that it's committed to developing future Silent Hill games, but that the "embryonic Silent Hills project developed with Guillermo del...

  • News Konami Quiet on the Status of PS4 Survival Horror Silent Hills

    Will continue to develop the Silent Hill series

    It had the pedigree to make survival horror relevant again, but the Silent Hills dream is all but over. Following on from comments made by Pan's Labyrinth director Guillermo del Toro over the weekend, The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus has now admitted that he's no longer involved with the project...

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  • News Is Horror Sequel Silent Hills a PS4 Exclusive?

    Scream in silence

    The whole Rise of the Tomb Raider mess appears to have caused some confusion in the console exclusives space, so let us teach you a very valuable lesson: if Sony doesn’t scream ‘Only on PlayStation’ after revealing a project, then it’s going to end up elsewhere. Firms may use doublespeak to confuse their message – we saw...

Wednesday13th Aug 2014