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Thursday8th Jul 2021

  • News Kung-Fu Combat Game Sifu Kicked into 2022 on PS5, PS4

    Not even kung-fu can overcome coronavirus

    It’s one of the most anticipated indie games on the PlayStation 5 and PS4 by far, but you’ll be waiting a little longer to tango with Sifu, we’re afraid. The brawler, originally due out in 2021, is now targeting an early 2022 release window: “The COVID crisis and the subsequent lockdowns have been a...

Tuesday29th Jun 2021

  • News Here Are a Few Seconds of Sifu Footage on PS5, PS4

    Karate kid

    Sifu is certainly shaping up to be one of the more promising PlayStation 5 and PS4 upcoming indie titles, and if you’re feasting for a few more seconds of gameplay – well, here you go. Interestingly, this clip confirms that you’ll be able to choose your protagonist’s gender, while also showcasing a brand-new level – it looks...

Friday11th Jun 2021

  • News PS5, PS4's Sifu Busts a Move at The Club in New Trailer

    Bar room brawl

    If you’ve ever been to Birmingham for a night out, you’ll be familiar with the scenes in Sifu’s new trailer. The promising PlayStation 5 and PS4 brawler got a new trailer as part of the IGN Expo, which focuses on a new level: The Club. And we’re not talking about your average fight club, but a literal night club, complete with...

Saturday27th Mar 2021

  • News You'll Age Each Time You Die in PS5, PS4 Kung-Fu Game Sifu

    Older and wiser

    Sifu appeared in the recent Future Games Show Spring Showcase, and while there was no new footage to enjoy, Sloclap’s co-founder Pierre Tarno did appear to discuss the gameplay in a bit more detail. Primarily, he explained that each time you die you’ll visibly age; this is designed to show how the mastery of martial arts takes...