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  • News Resident Evil 2 Shuffles Over 4 Million Copies Shipped

    Making a killing

    The recent Resident Evil 2 remake has been a bit of a home run, hasn't it? The PlayStation 4 retelling of Capcom's beloved PSone horror title is a great reimagining for a modern audience, and it's been heaped with deserved praise from more or less everyone. It seems to be selling well too -- the publisher announced last month that...

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  • News Resident Evil 2 '1-Shot' Demo Lurches Onto PS4 This Week

    One shot, one kill

    And there's your confirmation. As speculated, the playable Resident Evil 2 demo will indeed launch this week on PlayStation 4. Officially dubbed the '1-Shot' demo, you'll be given 30 minutes to get through it. Once the time's up, the demo will end, and that's that. Already sounds intense, doesn't it? The demo hits the PlayStation...

  • Rumour Resident Evil 2 PS4 Demo Could Release This Week

    We'll bite

    A Resident Evil 2 demo is coming -- Capcom confirmed that some time ago -- but could it be releasing later this week? From where we're sitting, the evidence is starting to add up. Back in December of last year, a listing for the Resident Evil 2 'One-Shot' demo was spotted on the Xbox store, and it was tagged with a release date of the...

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  • News You're Going to Want Resident Evil 2's Deluxe Edition

    Elza Walker returns

    Just go ahead and call them Capgod: they deserve it the run they’re on. Capcom’s revealed the contents of Resident Evil 2’s Deluxe Edition in North America, and it looks damn well worth the $10 premium that the publisher’s charging. In addition to a reversible cover, which lets you pick between Leon S. Kennedy and Claire...

Monday8th Oct 2018