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Thursday8th Feb 2024

Tuesday6th Feb 2024

  • News Potential Persona 3 Reload DLC The Answer Found in New Datamine

    Plus five other content packs

    Suggestions that Persona 3 Reload will be treated to a wave of DLC, including the FES version's post-game content The Answer, have gained more weight after references to them were spotted in a recent datamine. Delving into the PC files revealed mentions of a "P3R Expansion Pass" that would grant access to six portions...

  • News Persona 3 Reload's Sexy UI Result of Retaining Key Staff, Says Atlus

    Paid approprietly, as well

    The modern Persona series is synonymous with slick, sexy UI design, making games like Persona 4 Golden, Persona 5 Royal, and the recently released Persona 3 Reload instantly recognizable. Atlus' efforts are so far ahead of the curve in this regard, and shockingly, it turns out the secret to this success relies simply upon...

Monday5th Feb 2024

Wednesday31st Jan 2024

  • Rumour Persona 3 Reload Lines Up The Answer as DLC

    Not a whole other game to buy at least

    Prominent Persona leakers are suggesting Atlus will be offering up the post-game expansion The Answer for Persona 3 Reload as DLC "within the fiscal year". A piece of content that didn't make it into the upcoming PS5, PS4 remake, it was only part of the PS2 version Persona 3 FES. The playable female character...

Tuesday30th Jan 2024

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Saturday20th Jan 2024

Tuesday16th Jan 2024

  • News Persona 3 Reload Is the Result of Fan Surveys, Says Atlus

    So they do work sometimes

    Persona 3 Reload, the remake of PS2 classic Persona 3 releasing next month, is a direct response to fan surveys Atlus has conducted over the years. Speaking to Xbox Wire, producer Ryota Niitsuma said that Persona 3 was always the first response the studio received when fans were quizzed on what Persona game they would like...

Friday5th Jan 2024

Friday8th Dec 2023

  • News Persona 3 Reload Gets a Gorgeous New Gameplay Trailer

    Out from the shadows

    Persona 3 Reload will be here before you know it, and so Atlus is really starting to kick its marketing machine into gear. The upcoming remake snagged a spot at The Game Awards 2023, gifting us a new gameplay trailer that sums the shadow-slaying RPG up rather well. It highlights combat, social interactions, and gives us a better...

Monday4th Dec 2023

Wednesday15th Nov 2023

Tuesday31st Oct 2023

Wednesday25th Oct 2023

  • News Persona 3 Reload's Akihiko Sanada Delivers the Knockout Punch

    The Champ is here

    Another week, another Persona 3 Reload character trailer! This time, it's the taciturn pugilist Akihiko Sanada's turn to show off his moves. You can step into the ring yourself once the remade JRPG launches on PS5 and PS4 on 2nd February 2024. Calm and collected, with a hell of a right cross, Akihiko is the heavy hitter of the...

Thursday19th Oct 2023

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Thursday12th Oct 2023

  • News Get a Taste of Iwatodai Dorm Life in Persona 3 Reload

    Evoking warm feelings

    In addition to character-specific trailers, it looks like Atlus has decided to favour us with location-based clips as well. Today, we got a look at what dorm life will be like in Iwatodai this time around, the occasionally surreal setting for Persona 3 Reload. When not in class or exploring the nightmarish tower of Tartarus,...

Tuesday10th Oct 2023

  • News Meet Persona 3 Reload's Takoyaki-Loving Huntress, Yukari Takeba

    Ooh yeah, Da-dada-dada, dada-dada

    Atlus, true to its word, has released the next in a series of Persona 3 Reload character trailers, making good on last week's threat. We're introduced to the inimitable Yukari Takeba, the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad's ghost-fearing sharpshooter. We've inevitably come around on Persona 3 Reload,...

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Friday7th Jul 2023

  • News SEGA Survey Suggests Persona 3 Reload to Retail for $69.99

    Persona fans know Tartarus well

    Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised at this point (considering how many times we've purchased different iterations of Persona games previously), but Persona 3 Reload is looking like it will retail for $69.99. That's despite being based on the initial PS2 version of the game, which may not include

Wednesday14th Jun 2023

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