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  • News Mortal Kombat X's Tremor Is Rock Hard

    Rock block

    Mortal Kombat X's latest brawler looks like he's suffering from a nasty bout of Cobbles – but Tremor's decided to use the rocks that have replaced his skin to his advantage. The character will be available this week for owners of the fighter's Kombat Pack, but penny pinchers will need to wait until 28th July until he's available...

Tuesday19th May 2015

  • News Mortal Kombat X's PS4 Patch Adds a New Brutality

    Gran gesture

    Remember the old lady standing in the background of the Outerworld Marketplace arena in Mortal Kombat X? You can use her as a weapon against your enemies, tossing her in the direction of your foes to do some additional damage. But as of the game's latest PlayStation 4 patch, NetherRealm Studios has transformed Blanche into a Weapon of...

Tuesday5th May 2015

  • News These Are Jason Voorhees' Mortal Kombat X Fatalities

    Hack and slash

    Those that purchased Mortal Kombat X's season pass-style Kombat Pass will be able to play as Jason Voorhees from today, and that means that videos of the slasher star's various fatalities have already leaked online. You may want to cover your eyes if you're not keen on spoilers, but everyone else can "enjoy" watching the hockey masked...

Monday4th May 2015

Friday24th Apr 2015

  • News Jason Voorhees Joins the Mortal Kombat X Kast in May

    Jason! Jason!

    You'll be able to Press X to Jason Voorhees sooner than expected, as the Friday the 13th star will be wading into the Mortal Kombat X conflict from 5th May. Those that purchased the Kombat Pass will obtain early access to the character, meaning that everyone else will have to wait a week to get to grips with the hockey mask adorning...

Wednesday22nd Apr 2015

  • News Mortal Kombat X Patch Kleans Up PS4 Punch-'em-Up

    Sign-in issues stomped

    Mortal Kombat X certainly hasn't suffered with the kinds of issues that were so common last year, but it hasn't exactly been smooth sailing either. Between leaderboards failing to load and frequent online updates, the franchise's fastest selling title has clearly come unstuck by all of the demand. Still, at least developer...

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  • News Mortal Kombat X Finished Off with 1.8GB PS4 Patch

    Brutality to your bandwidth

    Mortal Kombat X isn't officially due out until next week, but some lucky brawlers have already got the PlayStation 4 title in their blood-soaked mitts. This has, of course, resulted in a series of pulled YouTube videos and Twitch streams – but perhaps the most relevant piece of information to emerge from the broken...

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Sunday5th Apr 2015

  • News Goro's Mortal Kombat X Fatalities Are Great but Gross

    Eyes bigger than your stomach

    We've been giggling through most of Mortal Kombat X's fatalities – much to the disgust of some of our members – but we'll admit that these Goro finishers are genuinely gross. The second one, which involves some ripped off limbs, isn't so bad – but it's the first clip that we can't stand. If you want a warning...

Saturday28th Mar 2015

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Friday20th Mar 2015

  • News Predator Stalks Mortal Kombat X as Post-Launch DLC

    If it bleeds, you can kill it

    Jason Voorhees will not be the only silver screen star slashing into Mortal Kombat X as a downloadable character, as an errant Xbox Games Store listing has revealed that Predator will be joining the party, too. The dreadlocked nasty will be available as part of the Kombat Pack, which will also include the aforementioned...

  • News Don't Rage Quit in Mortal Kombat X on PS4, PS3

    There will be grisly repercussions

    We've all been there: you're getting your ass absolutely whooped by someone's super powered Scorpion, and the temptation to unplug your router is strong. While fighting games like Mortal Kombat X can be brutal, there's nothing worse than finding your rhythm – only for your opponent to rage quit. Fortunately, the...

Wednesday18th Mar 2015

  • News This May Be the Best Mortal Kombat X Fatality Yet

    Guts and glory

    Mortal Kombat X is still going to have your significant others cowering behind the couch – and if their constitution's in question, probably hovering over a sick bucket, too. The finisher embedded below shows psychic Ermac ripping the entrails out of Sub-Zero, and then tying them up in a tidy knot. Not one to watch while you're...

Friday13th Mar 2015

  • News Mortal Kombat X Gets Hit with a Deadly Delay on PS3


    Okay, for starters, we apologise for the terrible tagline, but worse things can happen, as evidenced by the news that Mortal Kombat X is being delayed on the PlayStation 3. According to publisher Warner Bros., the last-gen version of the game has been pushed back to summer. Thankfully, the PlayStation 4 edition won't suffer the same...

  • News Uh Oh, Jason Voorhees Is in Mortal Kombat X

    As DLC, at least

    Mortal Kombat X's character roster is getting crazier by the minute, and its latest addition is something that's got us fearfully eyeing the dark corners of the office. As if the game needed any more blood, Jason Voorhees of Friday the 13th fame will be a playable fighter, a new teaser trailer has confirmed. The downside here,...

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