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  • News Mighty No. 9 Has Some Mighty PS4 Performance Issues

    Better than nothing

    Mighty No. 9 brings all new meaning to the age-old message board adage: looks like a PlayStation 2 game. And that's mainly because… Well, it does. But at least with low-quality production values you can be guaranteed a sturdy framerate on the PlayStation 4, right? Right? Right? Not so, as Digital Foundry has taken the...

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  • News Mighty No. 9 Misfires, Delayed Until 2016

    Not so mega, man

    Mighty No. 9 will indeed say nein [Yes, we're recycling that one – Ed] to its previously planned 15th September release, as Comcept has confirmed in a since pulled forum post that the Mega Man-esque escapade has been delayed. The news follows the conclusion of creator Keiji Inafune's failed Red Ash Kickstarter – we're sure...

Saturday1st Aug 2015

  • Rumour Mighty No. 9 May Say Nein to 2015 Release

    Mighty blunder

    Wow, it's all going on. According to Game Informer, there's a strong possibility that Mighty No. 9 will miss its 15th September release date. The publication, which is owned by US outlet GameStop, understands that publisher Deep Silver and developer Comcept have indicated to retail partners that the title will not deploy until 2016,...

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  • News Feel Almighty with This Mighty No. 9 Alpha Footage

    Mega Man creator Keiji Inafune gives it his approval

    Former Capcom executive Keiji Inafune has released a one minute video of himself playing Mega Man's spiritual successor, Mighty No. 9. The footage showcases early alpha gameplay and demonstrates a handful of the mechanics currently in the crowd-funded game. In addition, the clip gives us some...