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Monday8th Feb 2021

  • News Warner Bros Under Fire for Patenting Nemesis System

    Defining feature goes exclusive

    The Nemesis system, founded by Warner Bros titles Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor and its sequel, is a feature the gaming community has always wanted other developers to utilise since its inception in 2014. That has never happened in the seven years since, however, and it's because the publisher has actually...

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  • News Orcs Never Forget in New Shadow of War Trailer

    The Nemesis System in action

    Middle-earth: Shadow of War has a new trailer, this time going over the beloved Nemesis System that the first game introduced. The gist of it is that orcs never forget, so the ones that you mutilate may become revenge-seeking rivals, while the ones that you spare may end up becoming your most trusted general. This video...

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