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  • News Like a Dragon Showcase Announced for June

    Like a Dragon Gaiden surely a lock

    SEGA and Yakuza Like a Dragon developer RGG Studio have announced that they'll be hosting a presentation next month, on the 15th June. Adding to what is already an incredibly busy period for the industry — thanks to Summer Game Fest and a stacked release schedule — the 'RGG Summit' will no doubt give us a look...

Monday19th Sep 2022

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  • News SEGA Is Dropping the 'Yakuza' Name from Now On

    Like a Dragon

    In case it wasn't already clear from the fresh announcements of Like a Dragon: Ishin!, Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, and Like a Dragon 8, SEGA is dropping the 'Yakuza' name from its long running franchise. Of course, the Yakuza games have never been called Yakuza in Japan. Over in its home nation, Yakuza as a...