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Monday13th Feb 2017

Sunday17th Jul 2016

  • News Just Cause 3 Is Borderline Broken on PS4 Right Now


    We'd heard anecdotally that Just Cause 3's latest patch made its framerate that little bit worse, but nothing could have prepared us for footage of the foray in action. This clip – captured directly from a PlayStation 4 using the share button – shows just how dire the destructive adventure is these days, as the title practically...

Tuesday31st May 2016

  • News Just Cause 3's Second DLC Will Mech a Mess on PS4

    Rico machina

    Just Cause 3 [Remember that game? – Ed] is getting mech DLC for reasons that can probably be surmised as: a bunch of Swedish people thought that it was a cool idea. Part of the obnoxiously named Air, Land, and Sea season pass, subscribers will get access from 3rd June, while peasants will have to wait until 10th June to cough up their...

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Wednesday16th Sep 2015

  • News Here's What's in the Just Cause 3 Season Pass 

    Just because

    Adding to the wealth of Season Pass news as of late, Avalanche Studios has revealed a few details about the Air, Land, and Sea Expansion Pass for Just Cause 3. According to the open world action game's Steam page, purchasers of the Season Pass will get access to three different add-ons as well as seven days early access to each before...

Tuesday15th Sep 2015

Tuesday4th Aug 2015

Wednesday15th Jul 2015

  • News Here's Your Best Look Yet at the Chaos of Just Cause 3

    Welcome to the party

    Just Cause 3 is shaping up to be yet another bombastically fun open world chaos-'em-up, and the game's newest video provides our best look at the upcoming release to date. Originally shown at E3 2015, the gameplay demo's been edited with commentary from Roland Lesterlin, the title's director. Needless to say, it's full of...

Friday10th Jul 2015

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Friday24th Apr 2015

  • News Avalanche Studios to Blow the Doors Off Just Cause 3 Next Week

    Rico arena

    Can this week darn well end already? If we could sum it up in meme form, we'd use that one with foul language and a sizeable slice of sarcasm. Avalanche Studios is the latest developer to get in on the 'it's effing nothing' act, announcing that it'll be showing more of Just Cause 3, er, next week. Well, isn't this the most riveting news...

Friday13th Feb 2015

Monday2nd Feb 2015

Tuesday18th Nov 2014

  • News Just Cause 3 Drops Launch Day Multiplayer Just 'Cause

    Sandbox experience comes first

    Just Cause 2 may have gotten multiplayer courtesy of a community mod extremely late in its life, but the game’s upcoming PlayStation 4 sequel won’t boast any competitive or co-operative play at launch. Christofer Sundberg, who’s the outspoken gaffer in charge of developer Avalanche Studios, confirmed the tidbit...