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Tuesday4th Apr 2023

  • Random Today Is Horizon Protagonist Aloy's Birthday

    Older and wiser

    It all gets a bit confusing when you talk about sci-fi characters’ birthdays because, well, technically Horizon Forbidden West’s Aloy hasn’t even been born yet. She’s from the future, after all! Let’s ignore the obvious flaws in marking the milestones of fictional characters and just roll with this one, though: it’s...

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Friday11th Feb 2022

  • News Horizon Zero Dawn Sales Top a Staggering 20 Million on PS4, PC


    Horizon Zero Dawn has been a colossal success for Sony and PlayStation. When the PS4 exclusive launched back in 2017, many questioned developer Guerrilla Games' decision to move away from the Killzone franchise — but it was a move that certainly paid off. Aloy's adventure has now topped 20 million sales across PS4 and PC. It's...

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Tuesday28th Sep 2021

  • News Horizon Zero Dawn Patch 1.54 Fixes Crashing Issues on PS5

    Updates for backwards compatibility

    Horizon Zero Dawn just got a new update, but don't get too excited: it's just here to fix a few outstanding issues — particularly when playing the game on PlayStation 5. Patch 1.54 is just a small download, and its headline act is that it addresses some pesky crashes that can occur when the title's running via...

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Saturday29th May 2021

  • News Horizon Forbidden West Comparison Shows Improvements Over Zero Dawn

    Wild West

    Horizon Forbidden West looks insane, but it’s easier to appreciate the improvements when they’re presented side-by-side with Horizon Zero Dawn. This excellent visual comparison digs into some of the key changes in the sequel, like facial animations, water, and overall geometry density. The difference is enormous – and the original...

Thursday13th May 2021

  • Reminder Get Horizon Zero Dawn for Free Until Tomorrow

    Don't forget to Play At Home

    Sony has promised more PlayStation 4 games and offers will be included in the Play At Home promotion in the future, but today is your last chance to grab the initiative's biggest inclusion yet. Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition will no longer be available for free after tomorrow, so here's your reminder to grab it if...

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Wednesday17th Mar 2021

  • News Horizon Zero Dawn Community Spotlight Has Been Going Under the Radar

    Sharing creators and clips

    Did you know that Guerrilla Games has been shining the spotlight on its Horizon Zero Dawn community for the past four months through video compilations that share their greatest clips, artwork, and cosplay attempts? Neither did we, but it represents an awesome community commitment that the Dutch heavyweight will surely...

Wednesday8th Jul 2020

  • News Get an Inside Look at the Horizon Zero Dawn Comic Book Sequel

    Available from 5th August

    Horizon Forbidden West might not be launching until 2021 exclusively on PlayStation 5, but that doesn't mean you have to wait until then to find out what happened following the events of the original game. Horizon Zero Dawn is getting a direct sequel in the form of a comic book, and it'll be available to read both...

Thursday11th Jun 2020

Thursday21st May 2020

  • Gallery Upcoming Horizon: Zero Dawn Comic Book Gets Multiple Covers

    And they're all great

    While we all wait patiently for the inevitable Horizon Zero Dawn 2 on PlayStation 5, Aloy's adventures are set to continue in comic book form. Announced earlier this year, Titan Comics is set to publish the brand new story this summer, starting on 5th August with the first issue. We've seen the cover of the comic already, but...

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Tuesday10th Mar 2020

  • News PS4 Exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn Confirmed for PC in Summer 2020

    Will be available on Steam

    Horizon: Zero Dawn is coming to PC this summer, Head of PlayStation Worldwide Studios Hermen Hulst has confirmed. Hulst, who co-founded and managed Horizon developer Guerrilla Games before being promoted, casually dropped the confirmation in a new interview that's been posted to the official PlayStation Blog. The title's...

Friday28th Feb 2020

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn Turns Three Years Old Today

    That's not all

    Do you want to know who Horizon: Zero Dawn's Aloy shares a birthday with? Alongside musician Jake Bugg and some YouTuber named Ruby Mancuso, the PlayStation 4 exclusive celebrates its anniversary alongside Push Square's own Stephen Tailby. Happy birthday, Stephen! We're sure he's out somewhere doing something nice, but for now, let's...

Wednesday26th Feb 2020

  • News Horizon: Zero Dawn Listed for PC on Amazon France

    Published by Sony

    Update: The listing on Amazon France for a PC version of Horizon: Zero Dawn has now been removed. Interesting. Original story: Adding much more weight to the speculation that Horizon: Zero Dawn is heading to PC at some point this year, online retailer Amazon France has listed the current PlayStation 4 exclusive for a release on...

Thursday16th Jan 2020

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Thursday28th Nov 2019

  • Deal One of PS4's Best Games Is Under £12 Right Now

    Oi oi, Aloy

    Horizon: Zero Dawn is hands down one of the best exclusives available for the PlayStation 4, and you can get it along with its fantastic Frozen Wilds expansion for as little at £11.99 from supermarket Sainsbury’s this Black Friday 2019. If, for whatever reason, you haven’t played it yet, then you can have no excuse anymore...

Monday11th Nov 2019