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Tuesday9th Jan 2024

  • News Horizon Forbidden West on PC Getting Gorgeous DLSS 3 Support

    Ridiculously good looking

    As Sony's strategic vision increasingly grows to encompass PC players, it should come as no surprise that studios like Guerrilla would want to leverage the latest tech to make their games look and run as well as mechanically possible. The already gorgeous Horizon Forbidden West is getting a Complete Edition (due out in...

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  • Random Today Is Horizon Protagonist Aloy's Birthday

    Older and wiser

    It all gets a bit confusing when you talk about sci-fi characters’ birthdays because, well, technically Horizon Forbidden West’s Aloy hasn’t even been born yet. She’s from the future, after all! Let’s ignore the obvious flaws in marking the milestones of fictional characters and just roll with this one, though: it’s...

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  • News Horizon Forbidden West's Lance Reddick Outs Mocap Work


    Horizon Forbidden West star Lance Reddick, who plays the character Sylens, has returned to the motion capture studio. In a Twitter post since deleted, the acclaimed actor wrote: “Hard at work in a session for Horizon Forbidden West.” In the photograph, the star is wearing a motion capture suit and has marks on his face for facial capture...

Friday16th Sep 2022

Wednesday31st Aug 2022

  • News Horizon Forbidden West Patch 1.18 Is Out Now on PS5, PS4

    Get all the patch notes here

    Guerrilla Games has deployed the latest Horizon Forbidden West update to PS5 and PS4 today, bringing the game up to version 1.18. The patch introduces a new face paint for Aloy to wear, which is a Pride Flag called Mark of Pride. You can take a look at it in the lead image above. For example, the paint across her...

Wednesday10th Aug 2022

  • News Half of All Recent PS5 Sales Bundled with Horizon Forbidden West in UK

    Over the past three months

    PS5 outsold Xbox Series X|S for the month of July 2022 in the UK, and it has been revealed half of those systems had a digital copy of Horizon Forbidden West bundled with them. The official bundle from Sony has proven incredibly popular in the region, so much so that 50 per cent of all PS5 hardware sold there over the past...

Thursday14th Jul 2022

  • News Horizon Forbidden West Has Its First GOTY Award Already

    Just ignore that it's July

    It's only July, but the Develop: Brighton conference doesn't subscribe to the normalities of announcing its Game of the Year awards in December, so it's crowned Horizon Forbidden West the winner of its "Best Game" category. We're sure Guerrilla Games will take it! The event is designed for game developers and features an...

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