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  • News Is GTA 5 on PS5 a Free Upgrade for PS4 Players? Probably Not

    No word on pricing, either

    Rockstar has just dropped a load of new details regarding the PlayStation 5 version of Grand Theft Auto V — and you can read all about them by clicking this link. But there's still one important question that Rockstar hasn't properly answered: will there be any kind of upgrade path for PS4 players? There's no mention of...

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  • News Franklin, Dr. Dre Headline Huge New GTA Online Story

    Recover an unreleased album from 15th December

    A huge new GTA Online story will arrive on 15th December, with protagonist Franklin Clinton making his return. The plot picks up after the events of the single player campaign, with Franklin now in charge of a “celebrity solutions agency catering to the Vinewood elite in need of solutions to...

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  • News GTA 5 Has Now Sold an Eye Watering 150 Million Copies

    Red Dead Redemption 2 crosses 38 million units

    Grand Theft Auto V will span its third console generation when Rockstar re-releases the PlayStation 3 title on the PS5 later this year. It’s a game that’s achieved unrivalled success, with the open worlder surpassing 150 million units sold-in to date. This reflects both digital downloads and Blu-ray...