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  • News Genshin Impact Is Raking in Absurd Sums of Money

    Mobile version making $1 billion every six months

    Remember when Genshin Impact was first revealed? It was received irately by Nintendo fans, resulting in a series of meme-worthy photographs where Breath of the Wild stans converged on a convention to ridicule the release! Chinese developer miHoYo is enjoying the last laugh, though, as it’s reported...

Monday10th Jan 2022

  • News Genshin Impact Was 2021's Most Talked About Game on Twitter

    Apex Legends, Final Fantasy also chart

    Genshin Impact is so popular at the moment that it's been named the most talked about game on Twitter for the year of 2021. The Mihoyo title topped the list for the "most tweeted about games" category, fending off competition from Apex Legends and Final Fantasy. Over 2.4 billion tweets about gaming were posted...

Thursday6th Jan 2022