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Friday30th Sep 2022

Tuesday29th Mar 2022

  • News Everybody's Golf Falls Victim to Sony Online Server Cuts

    Taken offline in September

    Sony's insistence on taking the servers of its past multiplayer games offline continues as Everybody's Golf is confirmed to be the scheme's next unfortunate victim. The delightful putter will lose all its online functionality on 30th September 2022, leaving you with exactly six months to enjoy its internet-focused modes...

Tuesday10th Apr 2018

  • News Everybody's Golf Adding Atelier Content for Anniversary

    Fore the fans

    Everybody’s Golf has become the home of Japanese franchise milestones, with Final Fantasy recently celebrating its 30th anniversary in the game. Atelier is next up, with new Atelier Lydie & Suelle: The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings crossover content on the docket. Starting from 19th April through 17th May, you’ll be...

Thursday8th Feb 2018

Monday22nd Jan 2018

  • News Beams Golf Gear Swings into Everybody's Golf on PS4

    Join the club

    Beams Golf is a Japanese brand of golfing attire, and it's making its way to Everybody's Golf on PS4. In the tweet below, you'll be able to get a brief look at the sort of threads you'll be able to adorn your avatar with: These clothes appear to be prizes for winning a Beams Golf in-game tournament, which you'll be able to partake...

Friday25th Aug 2017

Tuesday22nd Aug 2017

Friday11th Aug 2017

Thursday22nd Jun 2017

  • News Classic Courses Return in Everybody's Golf on PS4

    Fore the players

    The new Everybody’s Golf game on the PlayStation 4 will plot the return of two commemorative courses. Celebrating the series’ 20th Anniversary, both Green Country Club from the original game and Balata from its sequel will make a return, re-imagined to take advantage of the latest title’s open map format. You’ll get the...

Thursday15th Jun 2017

Wednesday14th Jun 2017

  • E3 2017 Sony's Commitment to Budget Releases Continues

    Knack for it

    Last year, Sony had massive success with the release of Ratchet & Clank. The game was, of course, excellent to begin with – but its huge success was aided by a lower than usual $39.99 price point. And it’s a strategy that the platform holder looks set to continue as it pushes the PlayStation 4 outside of its hardcore demographic...

Tuesday13th Jun 2017

  • E3 2017 Tee Off with Everybody's Golf Trailer for PS4

    Hyper links

    One of the many games stuffed into Sony’s E3 2017 press conference pre-show last night, Everybody’s Golf has gotten a new trailer featuring Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida and some of the key creative from the series. In it, they talk about the legacy of the long-running franchise, and also showcase some of the features...

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Sunday6th Dec 2015

Monday30th Nov 2015

  • News New Hot Shots Golf Looks a Bit Rough on PS4

    Out of bounds

    Among the wealth of other anticipated upcoming titles, it's probably odd that New Hot Shots Golf sits atop Push Square Towers' most wanted PlayStation 4 games list. But here's the thing: developer Clap Hanz has an impeccable record when it comes to arcade sports games, and with over a decade of practice, we doubt that it's going to hit...

Friday18th Sep 2015

  • TGS 2015 New Hot Shots Golf Will Boast Buggies and Fishing

    Goin' clubbin'

    New Hot Shots Golf's trailer at TGS 2015 seemed to disappoint franchise fans, but we're actually pretty excited by what Sony's saying about the game. A page on the PlayStation Japan website has revealed a little more about the PlayStation 4 revival, and while we're working with shaky translations here, it certainly sounds like the...

Tuesday15th Sep 2015

  • TGS 2015 New Hot Shots Golf Tees Off in 2016

    Fore the players

    The sheer variety of software on the PlayStation 4 right now is unprecedented, but the device's definitely lacking in the arcade sports department. You can always count on Clap Hanz to deliver a mouth watering Hot Shots experience, however, and it's looking like New Hot Shots Golf will be no exception. Due out in 2016, this...