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  • News Elden Ring Fans Think That News Could Finally Be Near

    Game of groans

    Elden Ring, the next game from FromSoftware, has always been highly anticipated – but it’s reached cult status recently, due to the Japanese developer’s silence about it. Just what is the status of this project? And why is it taking so long to return to the public eye? Comments from various journalists have raised hopes that a...

Saturday31st Oct 2020

Wednesday22nd Jul 2020

  • News Don't Expect an Elden Ring Reveal Tomorrow

    So says Grubb

    Last week, we reported on the fact that the Elden Ring Reddit community was placing its hopes of a long-awaited reveal on tomorrow's Xbox Games Showcase. It made sense to us -- marketing rights are assumed to be wrapped up with the team in green and it's been more than a year since that initial announcement. However, industry insider...

Friday17th Jul 2020

Friday27th Mar 2020

  • News Bloodborne, Sekiro Composer Returns to Score Elden Ring

    Kitamura is back

    It's so strange to think that this is the first piece of official information we've received for Elden Ring ever since its unveiling at E3 2019 nearly a year ago. From Software's next big project has gone completely into hiding, but a small snippet of news posted to Twitter two days ago will surely delight those who loved the...

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  • News Influx of Fake Elden Ring Leaks Have Souls Fans Nervous

    Supposed alpha test isn't real

    Remember Elden Ring? The collaborative effort between From Software and Game of Thrones' George R.R. Martin was one of E3 2019's biggest announcements, but we've heard absolutely nothing from the project since. The radio silence already has the Souls community a little bit nervous, but the fake leaks currently doing...

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