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Wednesday23rd Feb 2022

  • News Elden Ring Pre-Load Is Available Now on PS5, PS4

    Prepare yourself, Tarnished

    Ohhh, Elden Ring! The latest action RPG from FromSoftware is very nearly here, and hype couldn't be much higher. After an incredible debut trailer, we were all left clamouring for more information about this open world take on the Souls formula. Years later, it finally showed us what it's all about, and now the game's...

Tuesday22nd Feb 2022

  • News Elden Ring's PS5, PS4 Launch Trailer Is Mesmerising

    Believe the hype

    Here we go, then – a stunning month for new PlayStation 5 and PS4 games continues with the arrival of Elden Ring this week, arguably one of the most anticipated titles in recent years. Following the weekend’s overview trailer, which highlighted everything you can expect from the open world RPG, we’re now into sombre, cinematic...

Sunday20th Feb 2022

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Monday10th Jan 2022

  • News This Is Elden Ring's Character Creator, Apparently

    Probably not the final version

    FromSoftware has always let you go to town with its character creators. From the gorgeous to the ghastly, you've been able to create pretty much whatever your heart desires. However, with Elden Ring, it looks like the studio has stepped things up yet another gear. A YouTube video hit the internet over the weekend that...

Monday3rd Jan 2022

Monday20th Dec 2021

  • News George R. R. Martin Thinks Elden Ring Looks 'Incredible'

    Author comments on FromSoft's latest

    It feels as though this element has been kinda forgotten about, but a portion of Elden Ring and its world can be attributed to George R. R. Martin. The author, famous for his book series A Song of Ice and Fire, collaborated with FromSoftware on the game, as revealed by the, er, reveal trailer. His contributions...

Friday10th Dec 2021

  • News Elden Ring Gets a Glorious CG Trailer

    Ohhhhhhh Elden Ring

    Elden Ring is just over a couple of months away, and nothing quite stirs hype like an amazing CG trailer. The open world action RPG's latest video is a sight to behold, packed with impressive imagery and foreboding atmosphere. Beautiful stuff, and we're sure that lore buffs will already be picking this footage apart to learn all...

Saturday13th Nov 2021

Tuesday9th Nov 2021

  • News Elden Ring Closed Beta Codes Are Available Now

    Feeling lucky?

    Bandai Namco has started sending out codes for the Elden Ring closed beta test on both PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4. If you signed up for the beta near the end of last month, then you might want to check your emails. If you've been selected, a code should be waiting for you, along with information on when you can actually play...

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  • News Brief Elden Ring Gameplay Clip Leaks Online

    Praise the sun

    Elden Ring has a dedicated jump button, an on-screen compass, and ambient music. That is pretty much all this leaked gameplay clip will tell you considering its short length of 27 seconds, but it's worth sharing all the same considering the current secrecy surrounding the title. This is supposed gameplay taken from an Xbox One build,...

Tuesday12th Oct 2021

Friday27th Aug 2021

  • Gallery New Elden Ring Screenshots Look Simply Sublime

    Plus new details

    It appears an embargo on an Elden Ring preview event just lifted, allowing select outlets to share their initial thoughts based on 15 minutes of gameplay footage. Unfortunately, press haven't been allowed to actually share it publicly, but what we do have access to are some brand new screenshots. We've embedded as many as we can...

Monday23rd Aug 2021

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  • News Elden Ring Combat, Open World, and Story All Detailed

    Everything you need to know

    Who else is still on a high following that Elden Ring trailer last night? We know we are, so it's time to rummage through every single detail we can find about the FromSoftware title so far. The official website is the best place for that, serving up a brief overview of the game's story, open world, and gameplay. Buckle...

Thursday10th Jun 2021

  • Gallery Elden Ring Screenshots Are a Sight to Behold

    Bask in their glory

    Elden Ring is back, and it's hitting PlayStation 5 and PS4 on 21st January 2022. It feels rather good to actually write that down, and with the reveal trailer out of the way, it's time to soak up the direct, in-game screenshots. This is what you can look forward to playing in just seven months time! Yes, it really is that close...