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  • News Elden Ring Community Shocked by New Fake Wall Revelation

    Were those messages real..?

    Well, well, well. Elden Ring, you can't do this to us! Fake, illusory walls have been a staple of FromSoftware titles since 2009's Demon's Souls, hiding bonus items and weapons behind seemingly stable surfaces you need to hit in order to have them melt away. It's only ever taken one attack to make them disappear, but this...

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  • News Elden Ring PS5 Patch Solves Save Data Issues

    Unexpected game closures plugged

    Late last week we reported that FromSoftware had cautioned against leaving Elden Ring in Rest Mode, as unexpected game closures were causing lost progress. The advice, coming courtesy of publisher Bandai Namco, was to, at the very least, quit to the main menu screen to ensure that your save data got properly stored...

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