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  • News Busted Soccer Sim eFootball Getting Bug Fixes This Week

    VAR check

    Konami’s disaster class soccer sim eFootball will get a patch this week, on 5th November, which should hopefully clean up some of the release’s bigger issues. Announced on the title’s rather sad looking social media account, v0.9.1 – we’re still not at v1.0.0, folks – “serves to fix bugs only, with detailed patch notes made...

Saturday23rd Oct 2021

Friday8th Oct 2021

  • News Konami Promises eFootball Fix for 28th October on PS5, PS4

    A long road back

    Konami has once again apologised for the disastrous state of eFootball at launch, and has promised an initial fix will release on 28th October to address some of the issues which have been memed online. Since its launch last week, the soccer sim has become the butt of all gaming jokes, with videos of referees embedded in the turf...

Friday1st Oct 2021

  • News Konami Apologises for the State of eFootball at Launch

    "We are very sorry for the problems"

    Japanese publisher Konami has issued an apology for the sorry state of eFootball at launch, which has become the butt of many a joke over the past 24 hours or so. Writing on Twitter, the official eFootball account said: "We are very sorry for the problems, and want to assure everyone we will take all concerns...

Thursday30th Sep 2021

  • News Free-to-Play PES Successor eFootball Out Now on PS5, PS4

    Bonus pack for PS Plus subscribers available

    After decades of full-priced football simulators launching year after year, the first big genre shake-up is here: eFootball, a free-to-play Pro Evolution Soccer successor, is available to download for free now on PlayStation 5 and PS4. You'd think this would be a pretty important occasion, and while it...

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  • News Here's Your First Look at Free-to-Play eFootball on PS5

    Arsenal in action

    An overseas media event has resulted in the first PlayStation 5 footage of soccer sim eFootball being shared online, although Konami is quietly nixing the clips from sites like YouTube. You can watch a mirror through here. In the Japanese publisher’s defence, these are off-screen recordings that don’t necessarily paint the...

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Thursday26th Aug 2021

  • News eFootball's PS5, PS4 Gameplay Trailer Is Bizarre

    * Available post-launch

    eFootball, the spiritual successor to Pro Evolution Soccer, genuinely looks decent in this new gameplay trailer – but many of the highlight worthy features are not going to be available at launch. In a frankly bizarre trailer, small-print stresses that core gameplay mechanics, like being able to trap the ball, will be added...

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