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Friday31st Dec 2021

Monday10th May 2021

  • News DIRT 5 Introducing Cross-Play Multiplayer in Free Game Update

    Everyone's mucking in

    It seems Codemasters is dedicated to improving and adding to DIRT 5, the rough and ready cross-gen racer. It's a fun off-road racing title, even if it did launch with one or two issues, but the developer has been smoothing things out since release, as well as adding new content. The latest update is due tomorrow — 11th May...

Thursday18th Feb 2021

Thursday17th Dec 2020

Monday16th Nov 2020

Thursday1st Oct 2020

  • News DIRT 5 Trophies Show a Smooth Road to the Platinum

    Comfy ride

    DIRT 5 might provide a messy drive in all its off-road events, but getting the platinum Trophy looks like a clean victory. The PlayStation 4 Trophy list has emerged online, and unless we're mistaken, it looks as though it'll be pretty simple to grab all those trinkets. That's not to say there's no challenge whatsoever. There are some...

Monday7th Sep 2020

  • News DIRT 5 Stuck in the Mud with Delay to November on PS4

    Still no date on PS5 version

    DIRT 5 is on the way by the end of the year, and it's been looking mighty strong so far. The off-road racer reverts back to the less serious days of DIRT 2 and 3, bringing with it a career mode and story as well as a way to build your own racing arenas. It seems to all be going well, but Codemasters has decided the game...

Thursday27th Aug 2020

Sunday16th Aug 2020

  • News Buy DIRT 5 on PS4 and You'll Be Able to Upgrade to PS5 for Free

    Taking Control

    Planning to buy DIRT 5 on the PlayStation 4 this coming 16th October? Rest easy in the knowledge that you’ll be able to upgrade your copy from PS4 to PS5 at no extra cost. That means you’ll get access to the fully optimised 120 frames-per-second build that developer Codemasters has been touting for the next-gen console. To be...

Tuesday11th Aug 2020

  • News DIRT 5 PS4 Release Date Pumps the Brakes with Small Delay

    A week later than expected

    DIRT 5 is coming to both PS5 and PS4, but we know a little more about the latter. When it comes to release dates, Codemasters is understandably unable to reveal the timeframe for the next-gen version. However, it's been known for a while that the current-gen edition of the off-road racer will cross the finish line in...