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  • News Deus Ex: Mankind Divided Is Done and Dusted

    Augmented for launch

    Hurrah! It's always good news to hear that a game's development has been polished off, and this time around, Eidos Montreal is the studio that's celebrating. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is ready to rock its bionic socks off on PlayStation 4, the company happily announced on Twitter. Grizzled agent Adam Jensen is back for this one,...

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  • News That's a New Deus Ex for PS4 Leaked, Then

    Initiate raspy voice

    Good old web caches, eh? Eagle eyed NeoGAF user arturkrang spotted several images of what appears to be a new Deus Ex title. The leak comes just over 24 hours after publisher Square Enix's mysterious – and tedious – livestream began. Supposedly dubbed Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, it looks