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Wednesday14th Aug 2019

Wednesday8th May 2019

  • News Hidden Destiny 2 Exotic Quest Brings Back the Outbreak Prime

    A great primer for the upcoming season

    One of the best things about Bungie's take on the looter shooter is the air of mystery that surrounds it all. Destiny 2 has had its fair share of vague quest steps and baffling puzzles, and one more cropped up yesterday in the form of a hidden exotic quest that upon completion, will reward players with the...

Wednesday10th Apr 2019

Friday1st Mar 2019

Friday18th Jan 2019

  • News Bungie Pledges Long-Term Commitment to Destiny

    It must be destiny

    Following on from Bungie and Activision's separation, there's been a lot of speculation over the now independent developer and the future of Destiny. Would Bungie keep it all going, or would it gradually turn its gaze to something new? Well, going by the studio's latest statement, it sounds like it's prepared to stick to its guns...

Friday11th Jan 2019

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Monday5th Nov 2018

  • News Destiny 2 Is Still Making Activision a Crazy Amount of Money

    More than Spider-Man in September

    We don't know if you feel the same, but from our perspective, it seemed like Destiny 2 dropped off a cliff almost as soon as Forsaken launched back in September. The expansion was well received by both critics and players, but to us, it feels like no one's talking about Destiny anymore outside of its core fans. With...

Monday15th Oct 2018

  • News Destiny 2 Trailer Gives a Glimpse of the Haunted Infinite Forest

    Event starts tomorrow

    Halloween's just around the corner, and you know what that means. Every game with an online element is getting spooky, and Destiny 2's Festival of the Lost appears to be going in quite heavily this year. Alongside the return of masks that you can acquire with a new currency, the Infinite Forest is getting an overhaul, and it...

Friday12th Oct 2018

Thursday11th Oct 2018

  • News A More Robust Festival of the Lost Returns in Destiny 2 Next Week

    Bungie dishes out the treats

    Festival of the Lost is returning to the world of Destiny 2 next week, and Bungie has detailed what players can expect from the game's upcoming live event. The Tower will be overhauled with eerie little lights and all that usual stuff, but it sounds like the developer has focused on delivering a more robust event this...

Friday28th Sep 2018

  • News Bungie Plans on Making Masterwork Cores More Plentiful in Destiny 2

    Masterworking it out

    One of the hot topics among the Destiny community right now is the availability of Masterwork Cores. These items are necessary for infusion -- the process of powering up equipment that you like using. However, Masterwork Cores are currently very hard to find or farm, meaning that infusion is a costly decision to make. Bungie...

Friday21st Sep 2018

Tuesday11th Sep 2018

Tuesday4th Sep 2018

  • News Destiny 2 PS4 Patch 1.24 Out Now Ahead of Forsaken Launch

    Here it comes

    Destiny 2's final update ahead of Forsaken's launch is available to download now on PlayStation 4. Patch 1.24 is 7.5GB in size, and makes way for the aforementioned expansion, which goes live later today. As you'd imagine, the update paves the way for Forsaken, and obviously, you'll need to get it downloaded before you can have a...

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