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  • News Blood & Truth's Grime Soundtrack Gets a Vinyl Release

    Scratch and shoot

    Vinyl is back in vogue, and any game with a half-decent soundtrack tends to get a record release these days. Case in point: cockney crime caper Blood & Truth is bringing its orchestral-cum-grime tunes to a turntable near you, courtesy of Black Screen Records. Available to pre-order now ahead of an August shipping date, the...

Tuesday28th May 2019

  • News Blood & Truth to Bring More Gun-Fu with Free DLC

    New Game + among the additions

    Sony’s first-party studios have been pretty generous with free updates this generation, and London Studio is the latest to give back to fans, announcing a round of complimentary Blood & Truth features that will keep the excellent PlayStation VR exclusive feeling fresh. Among the add-ons due at a later date is New...

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