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Tuesday4th May 2021

Saturday1st May 2021

  • News PS Plus May 2021 Free PS5, PS4 Games Announced

    A very varied month

    May 2021's PlayStation Plus games have been revealed. As per usual, subscribers get access to one PS5 title, and two PS4 games. On PS5, we've got chaotic car-smashing sim Wreckfest. This is the PS5 version of the game, which originally released on PS4 in 2019. It's worth noting that you'll only be eligible to download the PS5...

Thursday23rd Apr 2020

  • News Battlefield V Wraps Up Post-Launch Support This Summer

    Saying goodbye

    Battlefield V has walked a rather rocky road when it comes to post-launch support, with complete chapters of content that haven't always been well received and a Battle Royale mode that was too little too late. As such, EA has announced that the World War 2 shooter will no longer be supported in a major way past one final content...

Thursday31st Oct 2019

  • News You Can Play Battlefield V on PS4 for Free This Weekend

    War Stories and multiplayer included in free trial

    Battlefield V has been updated today with Chapter 5, introducing the Pacific theatre to the ongoing WW2 shooter. New factions, vehicles, maps, and more have been added with this update, breathing new life into the game. To celebrate, EA is letting everyone jump into the title for free this weekend...

Wednesday23rd Oct 2019

Tuesday22nd Oct 2019

  • News Battlefield V Takes the War to the Pacific in New Teaser

    Full reveal tomorrow

    We hardly ever hear about Battlefield V anymore, but developer DICE has been keeping it ticking along in the background. The fifth chapter of new content coming to EA's World War 2 shooter is set to take place in the Pacific, adding three new maps, new weapons, and more. A brief teaser has been released, which you can see below:...

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Tuesday4th Dec 2018

  • News The First Major Update for Battlefield V Has Been Delayed

    Overture arriving a little later

    Battlefield V seems to have been facing an uphill battle since it arrived at the end of November. Its sales are low for the series, and it's faced criticism regarding its lacking gameplay options on release. Of course, there's plenty of new content on the way for the WW2 shooter, and the first, Overture, was...

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Wednesday24th Oct 2018

  • News Battlefield V's Battle Royale Mode Firestorm Coming March 2019

    Won't be there for launch

    Battlefield V is set to arrive in just under a month's time on 20th November, and EA has mapped out some of the updates coming to the game post launch. Interestingly, this includes Firestorm, the WW2 shooter's equivalent of the wildly popular Battle Royale. The mode, which is largely being developed by Criterion, won't be...

Tuesday16th Oct 2018

Monday15th Oct 2018

  • News Battlefield V Single Player to Be Unveiled Tomorrow

    Play the objective

    The new Call of Duty has arrived, which can only mean the new Battlefield isn't far behind. As Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 launches with great success, things are hotting up for Battlefield V as EA prepares its World War 2 shooter for release next month. The publisher's next move is a reveal of the game's single player mode, and...

Thursday6th Sep 2018

  • News Battlefield V Open Beta Test Is Now Live on PS4

    The call of duty

    Attention, soldiers! EA has just announced that its open beta test for Battlefield V is now live in all regions. You'll be able to play from today, tackling the new Rotterdam map in Conquest mode, and Arctic Fjord on both Conquest and Grand Operations. No clear ending time or date has been provided, but we're sure it'll continue...

Tuesday4th Sep 2018

Monday3rd Sep 2018

  • News Battlefield V Open Beta Available to Download Now on PS4

    Rally the troops

    The open beta test for Battlefield V might not be starting for a few days (or tomorrow if you've pre-ordered), but it's available to download and install on your PlayStation 4 right now. EA has given everyone a chance to get the beta ready ahead of its launch, so if you're planning on getting involved, you should set it downloading...

Thursday30th Aug 2018

Wednesday22nd Aug 2018