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  • Store Update 26th February 2014 (Europe)

    Are you afraid of the dark?

    A murky trip into the foundations of your very own abode awaits you on the PlayStation 4 this week, as Polish developer Bloober Team’s dark multiplayer focused adventure Basement Crawl is finally ready to release. Other highlights in the latest European PlayStation Store update include Thief, Invizimals: The Alliance,...

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  • News Lose Yourself in PS4 Exclusive Basement Crawl's Murky Mazes

    Creepy crawlies

    With a game that’s billed as Bomberman meets the Bride of Chucky, you’d think that Polish developer Bloober Team would be more forthcoming about its upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive Basement Crawl. The arena-based multiplayer game was originally pegged as a next-gen launch title, but seems to have slipped into 2014...

Tuesday26th Nov 2013

  • News Basement Crawl Screenshots Shed Some Light on the PS4 Exclusive

    But we still have no idea what's going on

    Basement Crawl is undoubtedly one of the darkest and most bizarre PlayStation 4 exclusives announced yet. And if you don't believe us, try sitting through the previously released teaser trailer without cringing. It makes for tough viewing, that's for sure. What's equally strange, is that all we've seen of...

Sunday3rd Nov 2013

  • News Basement Crawl Is Definitely the Darkest PS4 Exclusive Yet

    Beware of the outdoors

    Bloober Team’s upcoming PlayStation 4 title Basement Crawl promises a blend of Bomberman and Twisted Metal – but even with that intriguing concept, we weren’t prepared for this terrifying teaser trailer. Backed by a poignant piano score, it depicts a grand-daughter discussing the outdoors with her soon-to-be-murdered...

Thursday1st Aug 2013

  • News Basement Crawl May Be the Battiest Title on PS4 Yet

    Bloober Team's multiplayer title looks utterly bonkers

    If there’s been any criticism of the PlayStation 4, it’s that its launch lineup is a little bit familiar. Games like Killzone: Shadow Fall and inFAMOUS: Second Son may look great, but they’re not necessarily doing anything different – other than pushing unimaginable numbers of polygons,...

Wednesday5th Jun 2013