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  • News Apex Legends Is Pulling in Insane Revenue

    Truly legendary

    Remember the recent article about Genshin Impact’s insane income? Well, here’s another one: Apex Legends has raked in $2 billion in revenue since it released approximately three years ago. It’s another startling statistic that puts into focus why Sony has 10 live service games in production – the rewards are frankly flabberg

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Sunday1st Aug 2021

  • News Apex Legends Bans Over 2,000 Players, Almost All Are on PS4

    For the cheaters

    Apex Legends has dropped the ban hammer on over 2,000 players – and almost all of them are playing on the PlayStation 4. According to Respawn developer Conor Ford, these bans were issued to players gaming the Ranked Points system in Ranked Play, and also for abusing a matchmaking exploit which effectively allowed high-rank players...

Thursday29th Jul 2021

  • News Apex Legends Introduces New Character Seer in Latest Trailer

    Learn all their abilities

    The next playable character heading to Apex Legends is Seer, available alongside the new season starting 3rd August 2021. To get you acquainted with the new menace and their abilities, Respawn Entertainment has issued a new trailer detailing what you can expect on the receiving end of a gunfight. It's embedded above and...

Tuesday27th Apr 2021

  • News Apex Legends Goes Beyond Battle Royale in New Arena Mode

    Permanent mode coming 4th May

    Apex Legends is one of the most noteworthy Battle Royale titles to hit PlayStation 4 over the past few years, introducing and standardising the Ping system as well as offering a fantastic experience in general. Respawn Entertainment will soon be expanding beyond that fight for first place, however, as an all-new Arena...

Wednesday29th Apr 2020

  • News Job Listing Suggests Apex Legends Is Getting a PS5 Port

    Let the legend continue

    Apex Legends, the free-to-play shooter from Respawn Entertainment, has been bubbling along nicely since its 2019 arrival. The developer has been keeping it going with regular content updates and new seasons, as with any service game worth its salt. As we approach PlayStation 5, a question must be raised about titles like...

Wednesday5th Feb 2020

  • News Apex Legends Season Four Blows Up the World's Edge Map

    Assimilation is live

    Apex Legends Season Four has arrived on PlayStation 4, bringing with it a number of game-changing additions and features which are sure to mix up the Battle Royale shooter in various meaningful ways. The update, which went live last night, is one of the game's biggest yet and has had a rather dramatic effect on the current...

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