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Monday20th Jun 2011

  • News Try Out Virtua Tennis 4's Move Controls for Free on PSN

    Demo to hit the net

    It's Wimbledon time, which means many gamers will be wanting to pick up a virtual racquet and pretend they're Rafael Nadal. PlayStation 3 owners keen to get a Move on in the sport will likely be torn between Top Spin 4 and Virtua Tennis 4, but one deciding factor might be the free Move-enabled demo of VT4 that's coming to PSN...

Tuesday10th May 2011

  • Out Today Virtua Tennis 4 (North America)

    SEGA swings by

    SEGA returns to court today with the North American release of Virtua Tennis 4 on PlayStation 3, 11 days after its release in Europe. Taking a different route to 2K's more sim-like Top Spin 4, VT4 embraces SEGA's arcade roots with a simplified board game-style World Tour, minigames and more. If you're planning to pick the game up, be...

Friday29th Apr 2011

  • Out Today Virtua Tennis 4 (Europe)

    Make a racquet

    After the disappointment that was Top Spin 4 comes Sega's attempt at mastering the Move tennis game with Virtua Tennis 4, out today across Europe. Unlike Top Spin, Virtua Tennis limits the use of Move to offline-only modes: Exhibition and Party, with no Move support for the World Tour or online play. It does however use 1:1 motion...

Wednesday6th Apr 2011

Thursday31st Mar 2011

  • News Sega Serves Up a Special Bundle for Virtua Tennis 4

    What a racquet

    Virtua Tennis 4 is on the way to Move in April, and Sega wants to help you get into the swing of things with a new bundle for the game. While we've seen plenty of bundles including Move and the game at hand, Sega's taking a different approach with VT4, bundling the game with two plastic racquet attachments for existing controllers...

  • News Virtua Tennis 4 Gets Exclusive Content for PS3 and Move

    Start a Net Blitz

    After the disappointment of the PlayStation Move controls in Top Spin 4, tennis aficionados are now looking to Virtua Tennis 4 for a better racquet experience. Sega has just announced the game will land on PlayStation 3 with exclusive content compared to Virtua Tennis 4 on Kinect and Nintendo Wii. Virtua Tennis is as well known for...

Thursday24th Feb 2011

  • News Virtua Tennis 4 Announced for May Release in North America

    Europe gets it earlier

    Move is sure to see a real tennis tussle this year: 2K Sports' Top Spin 4 and Virtua Tennis 4 will go head-to-head on the motion controller, with Sega's title following its opponent onto centre court in May. European gamers get Virtua Tennis 4 on April 29th, with a North American release to follow on May 10th, giving European...

Wednesday9th Feb 2011

  • News Virtua Tennis 4 Move Footage Shows a Lot of Balls

    Murray vs. Federer in action

    Sega says Move is the most accurate way to play Virtua Tennis 4, and the tail end of this new footage shows the game's first-person viewpoint in action with PlayStation Move. Graphically the game appears superb, with excellent presentation and character models, although it's worth bearing in mind this footage is...

  • News SEGA: Move is the Most Accurate Way to Play Virtua Tennis 4

    So come out swinging

    As Sega's flagship sporting franchise, Virtua Tennis 4 isn't just coming to Move: you'll also be able to play Virtua Tennis 4 on Kinect and Wii as well, but the game's producer Mie Kumagai believes Move has the edge. In an interview with Computer and Video Games, Kumagai explained that only Move offers the precision of a hand...

Friday10th Dec 2010

Wednesday1st Sep 2010