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Saturday30th Jun 2018

  • News Today Is the Last Day You'll Be Able to Play Starhawk Online

    Server shutdown

    For the few of you out there still playing an online multiplayer game on the PlayStation 3, your hours are numbered when it comes to accessing the online portion of Starhawk. The 2012 follow-up to Warhawk is set to have its servers turned off at the end of play today, as noted in its PlayStation Store description. As noted in

Thursday18th Oct 2012

Monday24th Sep 2012

  • News PS Plus Subscribers Get Cheap Admission to the Tokyo Jungle

    Wild thing

    North American PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to sample the feral future of Japan at a discounted price point, Sony has announced. Premium members will be able to snap up the hotly anticipated Tokyo Jungle at just $11.99 – a significant saving over the title’s standard $14.99 admission fee. Other upcoming offers include a...

Thursday20th Sep 2012

  • News Sony Splitting Up Starhawk for PlayStation Network

    Plus more

    We felt back when we reviewed it that the tragically overlooked Starhawk would benefit from a standalone multiplayer release – and it looks like we were right on the money. Lightbox Interactive president Dylan Jobe has taken to the PlayStation Blog to announce just that, alongside two other individual versions of the innovative shooter...

Friday10th Aug 2012

  • News Latest Starhawk Patch Adds New Complimentary Maps

    Cypress hill

    Lest you forget that Starhawk actually released this year, developer Lightbox Interactive has announced a new update for the PS3 exclusive. Set to release later today, the patch includes a cavalcade of gameplay fixes, in addition to a couple of brand new multiplayer maps. The maps are set on Cypress, the first planet where Rift Energy...

Friday18th May 2012

  • News Starhawk Diary Shows the Stresses of Shipping a Game

    Blurry eyed

    Lightbox Interactive’s debut project is a roaring success, as our Starhawk review has already established. But that’s only due to a valiant effort from its dedicated team. Check out this behind the scenes trailer to learn about the 20 hour working days, tears and heart ache that went into making Starhawk such a great game. And then...

Wednesday9th May 2012

  • News Starhawk Bundles Free Copy of Original Warhawk

    Value added

    If the free map packs weren’t enough to encourage you to part with your cash for LightBox Interactive’s Starhawk, SCEE has announced that the European retail release will also include a free download for the original PSone version of Warhawk. The publisher has been working tirelessly behind the scenes to emulate the classic title for...

Tuesday8th May 2012

  • News LightBox Interactive Confirms Free Map Packs for Starhawk

    All of 'em

    In an age where DLC is hidden on discs and you need to enter lengthy codes in order to access online multiplayer, the idea of complimentary map packs is an utterly baffling one. But that’s exactly what developer LightBox Interactive intends to offer with its brand new PS3 exclusive shooter Starhawk. We’ll let gaffer Dylan Jobe deliver...

Wednesday2nd May 2012

  • News Starhawk Beta Testers Scoop Additional Goodies

    Thank you note

    Those that participated in the beta test for Lightbox Interactive’s upcoming multiplayer shooter Starhawk will score a handful of additional in-game goodies. First up is the Hand of the Founder, a glowing atom that will rotate around your right-hand to show that you were one of the game’s originators. Additionally, those that have...

Wednesday25th Apr 2012

  • News Starhawk Takes You on a Trip to the Wild West

    Space saloon

    Lightbox Interactive’s upcoming PS3 exclusive Starhawk may primarily be a multiplayer focused affair, but the game will also boast a comprehensive single-player campaign to boot. The plot follows the adventure of Emmett Graves, a miner infected by valuable rift energy. We love the look of the game’s comic book cut-scenes, but...

Friday6th Apr 2012

  • News Latest Starhawk Footage Takes You for a Ride

    Hop on

    Starhawk may be a third-person shooter with strategy elements bolted on, but it’s also host to an intriguing array of vehicular combat too. This brand new trailer highlights all of the game’s petroleum powered combat options, from nimble jet bikes right through to deadly tanks. If you ask us, it's all looking rather swell. Will you be...

Wednesday21st Mar 2012

  • News Starhawk Features Dual Log-ins

    Friends with benefits

    There was a time when gaming was all about hanging out with mates and competing on the couch. That time has since become a distant memory, as the importance of online gaming grows. But Lightbox Interactive is aiming to bring split-screen back... Well, sort of anyway. The thing is, Starhawk will not feature four-player...

  • News Dylan Jobe Updates You on Starhawk Development

    To infinity and beyond

    Starhawk is mere months away from its 8th May release, a date which is all too soon for Lightbox Interactive’s Dylan Jobe. In a brand new video posted to the PlayStation Blog, the classy CEO has shared some last minute thoughts on the game’s development, its beta and the importance of crunch time. We can’t help but feel...

Saturday10th Mar 2012

  • News Starhawk Beta Adds Tanks and Jetbikes

    Not your average Harley-Davidson

    Sony’s upped the ongoing Starhawk beta to version 1.3, bringing with it some new goodies along the way. Amongst the new content is a Jetbike, designed for speed and maneuvrability, and the Ox Heavy Tank, which unsurprisingly is as hard as nails. Finally there’s a new “epic” 32-player map called Planet Dust...

Wednesday29th Feb 2012

  • News New Starhawk Trailer Highlights Strategy Influences

    Build to kill

    It’s only a matter of time before Starhawk’s brilliant “Build and Battle” mechanics get stolen. Lightbox Interactive has managed to succeed where so many other developers have failed: blend the accessibility of a third-person shooter with the depth of a real-time strategy game. It’s an extremely slick addition. There’s a...

Tuesday7th Feb 2012

  • News Starhawk Pre-orders Upgraded to Limited Edition

    Get more for your money

    If you’ve already placed a pre-order for Lightbox Interactive’s smart third-person shooter, Starhawk, then you’re in luck. Well, if you’re based in North America anyway. Sony’s announced that all existing (and future) pre-orders for the shooter-cross-strategy multiplayer title placed at GameStop will be...