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Monday24th Jan 2011

Friday7th Jan 2011

  • News HMV Nabs UK Exclusive on Killzone 3: Helghast Edition

    Preorders start today

    UK gamers keen on picking up the special Helghast Edition of Killzone 3 will have to heed His Master's Voice, as retailer HMV has announced it has the exclusive on the limited edition title. Available to preorder online or in-store today, the Helghast Edition will set you back £112.33 and contains a stack of exclusive content...

Saturday18th Dec 2010

Wednesday1st Dec 2010

Wednesday24th Nov 2010

  • News These Awesome Nikes are Our New Favourite Move Accessory

    Ten on the beau foot scale

    Move's a lovely item to hold in your hands for sure, but if you wanted to show your love for the controller on your feet you've been all out of luck – until now. Sony and Nike have combined to create two limited edition pairs of sneakers to honour the launch of PlayStation Move and the upcoming arrival of Killzone 3. The...

Thursday28th Oct 2010

  • News Killzone 3 a Sure Bet for Most OTT Special Edition of 2011

    Three little words: giant Helghast helmet

    If the current Killzone 3 beta has you so excited about the upcoming shooter you're willing to spend anything to get the best Killzone experience possible, you're about to be very happy indeed. Sony has just announced the ultimate edition of Killzone 3, known as the Helghast Edition, which will retail with...

Tuesday12th Oct 2010

Thursday7th Oct 2010

  • News Sign Ups for the Killzone 3 European Beta Start... Now

    PlayStation Plus subscribers only

    When a company says "details will be available in the near future", the near future can be anything from weeks to months. Sony's just beaten the world land speed record for more details arriving, with the Killzone 3 beta details officially announced just days after being teased. Launching on October 25th, the beta...

Wednesday6th Oct 2010

  • News Move Can be a Bridge Between PC Gamers and DualShock Lovers

    Controller is mouse and keyboard-friendly

    We already know that DualShock players best Move users when it comes to Killzone 3, mostly due to the unfamiliarity of the Move technology compared to the well-worn DualShock controllers we've all been using for the best part of fifteen years. One part of the gaming population may find the adjustment easier...

Monday4th Oct 2010

  • News DualShock Players "Run Rings" Around Movers in Killzone 3

    Balancing issues ongoing

    A month ago we reported that Guerilla Games was unsure if DualShock 3 and Move gamers could face off online, and although it still hasn't made a decision it sounds as if the balance lies firmly with traditional controls. Speaking at Eurogamer Expo, producer Steven Ter Heide said that gamers experienced with DualShock 3...

Friday1st Oct 2010

Sunday26th Sep 2010

  • News PlayStation Move Makes Itself at Home in Dublin

    Dedicated space for controller

    San Francisco became PlayStation HQ a few weeks ago, but gamers in Ireland who don't want to make such a long journey can head over to the dedicated Move space in Dublin, open until November 14th. Anyone who heads to 50 William Street can get their hands on Gran Turismo 5 and Killzone 3 ahead of their respective...

Friday24th Sep 2010

  • News Get a Move on at Eurogamer EXPO in London Next Week

    Trial new motion games before release

    Next week's Eurogamer EXPO in London is set to play host to a pile of new games across all platforms, with PlayStation 3 having a strong presence. Attendees this year can get their hands on titles that use both Move and DualShock 3, with Heavy Rain's Move Edition, Killzone 3 and The Fight: Lights Out all...

Wednesday8th Sep 2010

  • News Killzone 3 Developer Video Sheds More Light on Move Controls

    Zoom lock, grenade throwing and more

    Killzone 3 looks set to be a blockbuster whether playing it with Move or not, but this video showing the game's Move controls makes us think it might be a tough decision to make. Guerilla Games's Steven Ter Heide, who recently admitted the studio hasn't decided if Move and DualShock 3 gamers will meet online,...

Monday6th Sep 2010

Thursday2nd Sep 2010

  • News Killzone 3 to be Playable at PAX in Glorious 3D

    Two-dozen pods available for maximum Helghast chaos

    It's 3D, it includes Move support and it's swarming with Helghast troops: it can only be Guerilla Games' Killzone 3, one of the PlayStation 3's most anticipated games of 2011. If you're on your way to PAX 2010 in Seattle this weekend, make a beeline for the Killzone 3 stand as the game is fully...