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Monday27th Jun 2016

  • News Bungie Abandons Destiny Content on PS3

    The end of Trials and Banner

    Bungie has laid out its future plans for Destiny on PlayStation 3, which includes the permanent cancellations of Trials of Osiris and Iron Banner. As we previously covered, Destiny's next expansion - Rise of Iron - won't be coming to PlayStation 3, but according to Troubleshooter pages on

Friday20th May 2016

Friday6th May 2016

  • News Destiny Continues to Be a Big Hit for Activision

    Shooter has almost 30 million users

    Activision's revealed some pretty impressive Destiny statistics during the company's most recent financial report, claiming that the game now has almost 30 million registered players. Those keeping pace will remember that back in November of last year, the publisher stated that Destiny had around 25 million users...

Tuesday19th Apr 2016

Tuesday12th Apr 2016

  • News Destiny's Huge April Update Unleashes Its Super Tonight

    Destined for greater things

    After weeks of inactivity, we're sure that more than a few Guardians will be dusting off their exotic armour and jumping back into Destiny tonight. The game's biggest ever update will be available to download this evening here in the UK, at around 18:00PM BST. Meanwhile, those in North America can potentially look...

Monday11th Apr 2016

  • News Bungie Really Wants You to Get Back into Destiny

    Tomorrow's update gets a big trailer

    Destiny's long awaited April Update is finally deploying tomorrow, and to round up all of the information that it's spilled over the last few weeks, Bungie's released a trailer that details just about everything that you need to know with regards to the incoming patch. It's no real secret that the sci-fi shooter...

Wednesday6th Apr 2016

Thursday31st Mar 2016

Wednesday30th Mar 2016

  • Live Take an Early Look at The Loot of Destiny's April Update

    Rock the drop

    Bungie's second livestream based on Destiny's big April Update will be all about the loot and rewards that the developer's adding to the game. With a heightened light level cap and a revamped Prison of Elders, we're hoping that the new equipment is going to be worth gunning for. The stream kicks off at 19:00 BST/11:00AM PST, and will...

Wednesday23rd Mar 2016

Thursday17th Mar 2016

  • News Is Destiny About to Come Back with a Bang?

    April's update sounds promising

    Let's face it: it's always been a rocky road for Destiny players. Every time that the game introduces big changes, through an expansion or otherwise, it usually isn't long before hardcore Guardians have exhausted the new content, and are once again hungry for more. It's no secret that Bungie's shooter has slipped out...

Tuesday16th Feb 2016

Monday15th Feb 2016

Friday12th Feb 2016

Tuesday9th Feb 2016

  • News Destiny Patch 2.1.1 Invites You to Partner Up on PS4

    Love lost

    Destiny's February update is available to download now on PlayStation 4 - but unless you're looking forward to this month's Crimson Days event, there's not much to really get excited about. Patch 2.1.1 introduces the new two-on-two competitive multiplayer mode, which begins today and ends on the 16th February. The event requires you to...

Thursday28th Jan 2016

Monday25th Jan 2016

  • News Activision Denies Ammo Microtransactions in Destiny

    Welcome to the circus

    Well that was a pretty short-lived rumour. As we reported earlier today, unnamed sources had apparently told VG247 that more microtransactions were coming to Destiny. In this case, you'd soon be able to buy ammo synthesis packs with real money. Needless to say, a lot of Guardians weren't too happy to hear about this potential...

  • Rumour Destiny Is Getting More Microtransactions

    Lock and load

    Destiny's free-to-play future is looking more and more like an inevitability if this latest rumour is to be believed. According to VG247, brand new microtransactions will soon be worming their way into Bungie's shooter. Unnamed sources say that you'll be able to spend real money on ammo synthesis packs, which would provide an...

Friday22nd Jan 2016

Wednesday20th Jan 2016

Tuesday12th Jan 2016

Monday4th Jan 2016

  • News You're Getting Free Stuff in Destiny Later This Week

    Xurtainly something

    Stash of Strange Coins running a bit low? Need a few more Motes of Light? Nah, who are we kidding, no one needs more Motes of Light - but Bungie's giving them away all the same. On the 7th January, the developer's dishing out some goodies in Destiny to celebrate the new year. You'll be able to gather your 15 Strange Coins and 15...

Tuesday15th Dec 2015

  • News Destiny Launches Pricey Level Boosters for PS4, PS3

    Stump up £25 for Level 25

    Destiny's taken another boost jump towards its inevitable free-to-play future with the release of new level boosters on the PlayStation Store. These optional £24.99 fast-track packs for the PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 promise to upgrade your Guardian to Level 25, while also offering a subclass boost and some weapon...

Tuesday8th Dec 2015

  • News Destiny Patch 2.1.0 Is Jetting onto PS4 Right Now

    Zip zip zoom

    Guardians rejoice: the day has finally arrived. Destiny's latest patch buffs auto rifles (again), pulse rifles are getting nerfed, and Titan Sunbreaker subclass is being slapped down to Earth - or what's left of it, we suppose. Of course, it's not just about balance changes. Announced at Sony's PlayStation Experience 2015 press...

  • News Destiny's Sparrow Racing League Hits Full Speed Today

    Blast off

    Destiny's so-called winter event, the Sparrow Racing League - or SRL - engages its thrusters today as Guardians who own The Taken King are given the opportunity to take part in WipEout-esque races. According to Bungie, crossing the finish line allows you to rack up rewards such as new Sparrows, equipment, and shaders. As long as the actual...

Saturday5th Dec 2015

Friday4th Dec 2015

  • News Destiny Reloads with PS4 Patch 2.1.0 Next Week

    Weapon balancing, new exotics, Titan tweaks, and more

    It's fair to say that Destiny has dropped off for many players with the release of blockbusters like Star Wars: Battlefront and Fallout 4 invading their free time, but with the Bungie confirming that December's big patch is hitting next week, we're sure that the release will once again see a...

Friday20th Nov 2015