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Wednesday4th May 2016

  • News There's Free Battlefield DLC on the PlayStation Store

    Battle yield

    Is your trigger finger quivering in anticipation for Battlefield's planned reveal this week? Well, the ever-generous EA – eager, we assume, to avoid another year voted as the worst organisation in the world – is giving away Battlefield 4's Dragon Teeth and Battlefield Hardline's Robbery DLC for free. The snag? The promotion hasn't...

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  • News The Battlefield Hardline Beta Had Some Excellent Easter Eggs

    Police squad

    Easter eggs often garner a lot of a attention, as long as they're clever and memorable. Fortunately for developer Visceral Games, it had crafted some fantastic little details in its recent Battlefield Hardline beta, and they've proven popular enough to grab the upcoming shooter some extra praise. Even better is that YouTuber jackfrags...

  • News Battlefield Hardline's Beta Locks Up Six Million Players

    Did they all find it arresting, though?

    Battlefield Hardline may feel like its operating under the radar a little bit, but the release's recent beta has been an enormous success. Visceral Games' vice president and general manager Steve Papoutsis took to the EA Blog overnight – yes, that's a real thing – to reveal that the first-person shooter's...

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  • News Battlefield Hardline Will Play Bad Cop in New Beta Soon

    Cops 'n' robbers

    Battlefield Hardline should have been patrolling the streets by now, but publisher EA Games actually had the good sense to delay it, avoiding another potential Assassin's Creed Unity situation. During that extra time, developer Visceral Games has been busy improving upon the overall package – and it promises to detail those tweaks...

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