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Saturday3rd Feb 2024

  • Poll What Review Score Would You Give Tekken 8?

    Return of the king?

    Tekken 8 has been out for about a week now on PS5, so you've had plenty of time to play though its insane story mode and get smashed to bits by shockingly powerful players online. And so we simply have to ask: how highly would you rate Bandai Namco's newest brawler? Without wanting to sway your opinion too much, we gave the game...

Friday26th Jan 2024

  • Poll Are You Playing Tekken 8?

    A new battle begins

    It's a huge day for Tekken fans, as the newest instalment in Bandai Namco's long-running series is finally here. Exclusive to current-gen platforms, Tekken 8 has long promised to be a banger — and the critic reviews certainly suggest that it is. But as always, we want to know if you're getting stuck into the latest release. In...

Tuesday12th Dec 2023

Thursday21st Sep 2023

  • Preview Bandai Namco Is a Publisher Quietly on the Up

    More like Funco, eh?

    No one really talks about Bandai Namco, but the publisher’s doing a bang-up job. Last year it released Elden Ring, which not only proved a critical darling but also a break-out commercial hit. The action RPG ended up becoming a cultural touchstone for 2022, and it helped underline a really impressive run for the Pac-Man maker...

Monday7th Aug 2023

  • Poll Did You Enjoy Evo 2023?

    And what was the best tournament?

    And just like that, another annual Evo event is over. Just in case you had no idea if was happening, Evo 2023 took place over the weekend, welcoming thousands upon thousands of fighting game competitors and spectators. Most of the tournaments were streamed live online, with the finals for Marvel vs Capcom 3, Tekken...

Monday24th Jul 2023