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Friday29th Dec 2023

  • Game of the Year #4 - Alan Wake 2

    It's a spiral, not a circle

    It's kind of funny having a sequel to a 13-year-old game, that didn't initially launch on PlayStation, make its way into the upper half of our top 10 - but that's what happens when said game is Alan Wake 2. Remedy's long-awaited sequel completely blew us away, earning one of the few 10 out of 10 ratings on the site this...

Friday3rd Nov 2023

  • Poll What Review Score Would You Give Alan Wake 2?

    Living nightmare

    One of the most well-received PS5 titles of the year, Alan Wake 2 has now been available on the PS Store for one week. In true Push Square fashion, that means it is time for you to share your own review score and allow us to place it in our lists of the Best PS5 Games. We awarded the game a very rare 10/10 score in our Alan Wake 2...

Friday27th Oct 2023

  • Poll Are You Playing Alan Wake 2?

    Step into the light

    It's been a long time coming, but Alan Wake 2 is actually here. The survival horror sequel promises a crazy level of cinematic quality, coupled with intense psychological scares. It's been getting some seriously impressive review scores, and much like Marvel's Spider-Man 2 did a week or so ago, it's stormed the ongoing Game of...

Saturday10th Jun 2023

  • Preview Alan Wake 2 Will Be an Investigative Dream

    We see more of Remedy's next game

    Remedy would never be the type of developer to phone things in, but Alan Wake II is undisputed proof it belongs in the top tier of the games industry. Following the new gameplay trailer revealed during Summer Game Fest, we were treated to a significantly extended hands-off demo at SGF Play Days. This PS5 sequel is...