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Saturday2nd Mar 2024

Tuesday27th Dec 2022

  • Game of the Year #6 - Sifu

    Don't think, feel

    We were pretty much sold on Sifu as soon as it was revealed. A gritty but stylised martial arts revenge movie in video game form? Of course we'll give it a go. And we did indeed give it a go — over and over and over again. What we're saying is that Sifu is a difficult game, but don't let that put you off! Persevere with this...

Wednesday4th May 2022

  • Hands On Sifu's New Difficulty Settings are a Superb Addition

    Something for everyone

    When Sifu first launched back in February, its steep difficulty curve wasn't necessarily criticised, but it was enough to put a lot of potential players off. Indeed, even if you go take a look at our review — which dropped prior to release — the comments section is full of people questioning whether they'd be willing to...

Monday21st Feb 2022

  • Poll What Review Score Would You Give Sifu?

    All in the mind

    Brutal kung fu action title Sifu has been out for a good chunk of time now — and you know what that means! The game's proven to be pretty popular — especially in more hardcore circles that deal with speedruns and other self-imposed challenges. Sifu's one heck of a ride if you can find the time (and patience) to work at it, and as...

Tuesday8th Feb 2022

  • Poll Did You Buy Sifu on PS5, PS4?

    Master yourself

    Sifu has high kicked its way onto PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4, and as we stressed in our Sifu PS5 review, it is not a game for everyone. It can be a brutally unforgiving brawler, but if you're up for the challenge (and actually have the time to master it!), then Sifu is superb. But as always, we want to know whether you've...