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Mon 30th May, 2011

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hydeks commented on Do You Like Borderlands? 2K Australia May Be A...:

I think they shouldnt bother with this unless they are willing to put it on PS4, and X1, putting it on last gen consoles seems very stupid, especially since people are going to the next gen consoles awefully fast.
Personally, Im pretty sick of Borderlands now, but if I did see a great next gen game, I would consider buying it, as for this though, no thanks.



hydeks commented on Reaction: Price Is the Reality That Threatens ...:

I'ld skip the first generation of virtual reality and wait till it got cheaper :-P I expect it will cost probably $200 or even more for something like that, why I'm saying that. Don't get me wrong, I love innovation in video gaming, but I've spent lots of money on "gimmicks" that have let me down.



hydeks commented on Pachter: Titanfall Exclusivity Due to Industry...:

at this point it's hard to say which console is winning considering they just launched, but both consoles are really great, and I kinda can't wait to own both of them. Can't we Xbox and PlayStation people get along? We're so similar...:-P lol



hydeks commented on Microsoft Will Pay You to Dump Your PS3 for an...:

I rather keep my awesome PS3 and get a PS4 :-P

Why would you want a Xbox One?The system is $100 more and the PS4 versions of games are better. On PS4, all their games run on 1080p, on Xbox One some of the games (that are 1080p on PS4) are only in 720p on Xbox One...why??!!??

Sorry M$, but Sony is where I'm staying...

EDIT I love how no one expects anything back from their Wii's or even the Wii U lol



hydeks commented on Feature: Eight PlayStation Properties That Des...:

I voted Blasto cause Blasto was awesome! Only problem is Phil Hartman is dead, and he made that role.

Other than that, I would definitely go see Twisted Metal if they made a movie out of it....that doesn't suck :-P



hydeks commented on Talking Point: Is the Vita Really Dying a Slow...:

No offence, but I don't listen to a guy who obviously knows nothing about gaming and gamers in general :-P I feel the PS Vita had a slow start, yes, but it's starting to get the games and a lot of people are starting to buy the system.

Honestly, we can't compare Vita to 3DS, Nintendo has been doing portable way longer and that's basicly their main market, but it would be smart to compare Sony's secondary system (Vita) to Nintendo's secondary console (Wii U) and then I would say, Vita is doing pretty d@mn good! ^-^

Stop listening to Pachter. Games and gamers make a system a success, not some moron who gets paid alot to make predictions on gaming, that isn't even a gamer himself :-P



hydeks commented on Microsoft Just Made Sure You Won't Be Playing ...:

No big lose, I played the first and 2nd one and though some of gameplay was fun, the experience was short and the games seemed almost pointless :-P Microsoft can have the series, they need something other than just Halo.



hydeks commented on New PS4 Stock Sneaks into Best Buy in North Am...:

There where two PS4's in stock at my local Ebgames, which is a shock considering the store was slightly behind on giving the people who pre-ordered the system theirs :-P It was even listed on the website, then the playstation 4 listing as been removed, maybe because the store where getting bugged by people too much ;-) lol



hydeks commented on Talking Point: Do Sony's Family Franchises Hav...:

ohh please god don't have another buzz or singstar game lol

Btw, I'm not an english major, but shouldn't it be DOES Sony's Family Franchises Have a Future on PS4, instead of DO Sony's Family Franchises Have a Future on PS4? :-P Just nit-picking a little ;-)



hydeks commented on Sony Wants to Keep Your PS4 Controller's Light...:

my tv is mounted on the wall, so when I get my PS4 (whenever that is) I won't be having that issue at all :-) Would probably be smart to make an option later though to turn it off if it bugs people that much though.



hydeks commented on Feature: Thinking of Throwing Out Your PS3? Th...:

@LDXD should wait and play Tales of Symphonia when it comes out in a bit then, it's probably my favourite and a great introduction to the Tales of series :-) Or if you still have a PS2, you should try Tales of the Abyss, which was re-released on the 3DS, or Tales of Legendia. Whatever one you end up playing, doesn't matter, I think there all great lol



hydeks commented on Feature: Thinking of Throwing Out Your PS3? Th...:

I'm looking forward to all of those games, but none more so than South Park, but that could be because i don't believe it's coming in March, and I'm waiting for another delay/ it to be cancelled :-P

@get2sammyb I think they only announced Xillia 2 to the west, pretty sure it doesn't have a release date yet.



hydeks commented on How Do You Apply for the PlayStation Now Beta ...:

@WickedKnightAl I know how sad!!! I tried to sign up but once it asked for zip code and couldn't put in a letter, I kinda got the hint it was only for US citizens.
PushSquare can change it to USA in the title instead of North America this time, thank for thinking of us Canadians, though ;-)



hydeks commented on Sony Pleads for Patience Over PS4 Stock Situation:

my local Gamestop and Ebgames (yes, for some reason my city has both oO) they're still trying to get PS4's in for people who pre-ordered them! I want a PS4 and can wait, but this seems to always be an issue with Sony when releasing a new system, they never have enough stock for the demand :-P



hydeks commented on Soapbox: Assassin's Creed's Modern Day Compone...:

The modern day thing is very much holding back the Assassin's Creed series. When I played Assassin's Creed 3,I enjoyed everything about it, then the modern day scene would pop-up and suck me out of the fun of the game :-P



hydeks commented on Pachter: PS4 Will Surpass Wii U Sales Globally...:

PS4 is doing impressively well, but it doesn't shock me that it will surpass Wii U that fast :-P What will shock me is if Nintendo bothers to make another home console after the Wii U,and if they do, make a system worth competing against Sony and Microsoft.



hydeks commented on Poll: What Are Your Plans for the PS4's Launch?:

@Beaston61 i'ld say just keep your PS3 till next year, when Destiny comes out, THEN buy a PS4, I don't think it would really be worth anyone's time to get a PS4 at launch unless u absolutely love Killzone and slightly sharper games that the ps3 is getting anyways :-P lol So,I would say wait till Jan/Feb next year, get it before Destiny and all the big titles come around ;-) Who knows, maybe they'll have great system bundles by then!



hydeks commented on Media Molecule Is Thinking Big with Tearaway:

@Visiblemode most people that are looking into this game could careless about the Xbox One, mainly because they will already have a PS4 :P

I'm not much for LBP, but this game has really gotten my attention, I'll wait for a review, but I think this game looks awesome!



hydeks commented on Amazon Japan Reports That All PS Vita TV Pre-O...:

well, since their getting VITA TV the time where getting PS4, I think when they get PS4 is February, we'll be getting the VITA TV! At least I hope lol

This was a very cool announcement that Sony made! I love how they aren't afraid to tackle the other markets in gaming (mobile, micro-console) unlike a certain stupid other company.

Honestly, this VITA TV would appeal to alot of people I know that like gaming, but don't wanna fork out huge amounts of money.