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Mon 30th May 2011

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hYdeks commented on Yoshida: PlayStation VR Is Not Another PS Move...:

If I see the games, and they do a good job of getting people to demo the thing in stores, I would get it. I wasn't interested in it at first, but now I can sorta see how this can make playing games more interactive. I also think the Ps move finally has a good reason to live because of PSVR.

And to be fair about the playstation's 3D TV, it was a good idea, but it was alil ahead of its time. People weren't worried about 3D hdtvs at that time, they where just happy to get a hdtvs at all lol.



hYdeks commented on October's PlayStation Plus Lineup Is Going to ...:

All I hear is alot of whining from ppl on here. I'll be getting Super Meat Boy, Broken Age, Chariot, and Kung Fu Rabbit. Honestly, this months selections aren't that bad, I thought last months offers where way worse.



hYdeks commented on Poll: Has Destiny Won You Back With The Taken ...:

Honestly, I stopped playing it right when the huge update for the taken king came out. It's a good game, but I think it's stupid they just changed the voice of ghost to North, really took me right out of the game, that it was one day one voice, then the next when I had to redo the quest, it was some annoying voice. I'll get back into it, but I rather play other games right now.



hYdeks commented on Even Xbox's Boss Is Planning for a PS4 Price D...:

I think ppl wanting a price drop are just kidding themselves I expect one next year, but not this year, and it will probably be from $400 to $350, expecting it to go any lower would probably be ridiculous.



hYdeks commented on Feature: Eyes On with PlayStation VR at Canada...:

I love fan expo I'm starting to go positive on Playstation VR, and it looks like they are finally giving a good reason to use the playstation move, but they are gonna need to have a very good bundle with the headset and move to tempt ppl to buy it.



hYdeks commented on Review: Mad Max (PS4):

Woah, that score is too low in my opinion! I played alot of this and actually really enjoy it. Guess everyone's got their own opinion



hYdeks commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Tomb Raider Definitive Edition (PS4): I played it before last gen, but decided to pick up for ps4 to replay. Really love this game!

Destiny (PS4): Gonna try play more of this game, even if northbot annoys the hell out of me.

Sonic Generations (PS3): Will be doing the challenges, and trying to get 100% for this game.



hYdeks commented on Poll: Which Destiny Ghost Voice Is the Best?:

Nolan North is a good voice actor, but definitely not for this, Peter Dinklage is waaaay better as Ghost.

The problem with ghost wasn't Dinklage, it's the stupid dialogue ghost has. Please Bungie, switch it back to Dinklage, or have an option in settings for people to choose between Dinklage and North.



hYdeks commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Destiny (Ps4) still only at the beginning (lvl 5) so I will be playing this a lot this weekend.

Batman Arkham Knight (Ps4) trying to get the riddler clues and trophies corrected to fight him and finish the game



hYdeks commented on Gran Turismo 6 Sales Linger at the Back of the...:

I'll be honest, I didn't even know GT6 was released until someone at ebgames asked for it when I was there. I've been thinking of getting it, but also expecting they would have made a ps4 version, lime they did with most games released at that time.



hYdeks commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Batman Arkham Knight (PS4): finishing off the game and trying to get platinum.

Destiny (PS4): still at the beginning, but will get further in it this weekend.

Sonic 1/ 2/ CD (Android): yea, I'm playing some Sonic on my phone



hYdeks commented on Sony: We Cannot Entertain People Without Tryin...:

I have a feeling a bundle with the headset, PlayStation move, and a game will be what we get, and I'm gonna guess the price at around $250

Honestly, I do agree with Sony that they need to do things like this to satisfy fans. One thing they will need to do is have a demo station for this thing in ebgames/Wal-Mart/ Best Buy stores though just to get ppl to try it and really get on board with this product, why, because alot of us still remember Virtual Boy lol



hYdeks commented on Aussie Store Wants You to Know That Metal Gear...:

I think it's abit stupid too, I'm gonna buy it because it's Metal Gear Solid game, not because Kojima's name is on it I didn't play the other games just because it had Kojima's official seal of quality on it lol



hYdeks commented on Puck Off! NHL 16 Scores PS4 Bundle in Canada:

I would have gotten this if I didn't already have a ps4 I do plan to buy the game, though. Unlike alot of ppl, I enjoyed NHL 15 on ps4, but that might be because i got it for $10 new instead of at launch for $70 new lol

@get2sammyb UK well never embrace hockey, just like we will never embrace soccer/football lol



hYdeks commented on PS Vita Prototype Looked a Lot Like the PSPgo:

That design is ugly, I like design they ended up with. Only problem is that I wish they kept SD card support, cause that's one problem most ppl have with the vita: the expensive memory cards.



hYdeks commented on First Impressions: Eyes-On with PS4's Virtual ...:

A tv screen is good enough for me I'm the type of person that needs to stay in reality, this puts you in the game alil too much for me. Sounds great though, and I bet it will be the new big hype like the Wii remote was



hYdeks commented on The Taken King Is Looking More and More Like W...:

I just started playing Destiny a couple days ago cause ebgames canada had it on sale for $10 new, and I've been absolutely loving the game, so I really don't understand the hated this game gets from ppl. The new expansion looks really good, so I will probably get it eventually, but for now I'm just having fun with the beginning of the game