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Mon 30th May, 2011

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hYdeks commented on Review: J-Stars Victory VS+ (PS4):

@drpepperdude100 I understand what you mean, i find it irratating when dubs aren't offered, but some of the anime on the game don't have English dub.

It doesn't bug me like it does you just because I speak English and French, and in my daily life I hear all sorts of different languages around me: German, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch , Spanish etc. I don't think it's a huge thing that bothers North American people, more like just you guys in the states, cause Canadians are really use to multiply languages being spoken around them.

Just cause it's in Japanese with English dub doesn't mean it's still not worth playing, I'm just happy we got the game lol :-P



hYdeks commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Watch dogs, alot of ppl hated this game but do far I've been really enjoying it. Maybe some Dragon age inquisition, but i doubt it, i usually only play one game at a time :-P

Well, UK has been getting 32C (90F for the USA ppls) so that is actually pretty hot for what their use too. I live in Canada near Toronto area and that's usually around what the temperature gets here during the summer normally, but that's really really hot for the UK!



hYdeks commented on Oh Look, It's a Nintendo PlayStation Console:

@Dohv totally agree with you, if PlayStation didn't come around and change things like they did, I probably wouldn't be a gamer anymore either. I'm happy we're not stuck with just playing the same Mario/Zelda and all that and we get new game series ask the time.



hYdeks commented on Oh Look, It's a Nintendo PlayStation Console:

Nintendo made there biggest rival :-P This is probably the beginning of Nintendo making poor choices. They could have been the best of partners in the gaming world, instead Nintendo partnered with Phillips which resulted in crappy Zelda games and a terrible Mario game, and Sony went back to Japan to create the biggest "f you" ever created: the Sony PlayStation :-) Nintendo fans are clueless and still think Nintendo is top and Sony should just leave the console business, but the company that also makes tv's, laptops etc is now showing the gaming company how to truly do gaming RIGHT.



hYdeks commented on July's Free PlayStation Plus Games Include Roc...:

Styx looks ok, so I'll probably download that. Gotta be honest, for my first month on plus, I'm kinda disappointed with the offerings :-P I thought PlayStation plus got lots of cool freebies, this isn't that great this month. Kinda happy I at least got driveclub and metal gear solid on its last day last month when i got my ps4; though.



hYdeks commented on Sony: The Last Guardian Probably Would Have Be...:

@Jaz007 most companies now oddly hire people for doing online things like maintaining their websites and doing things like checking websites to see the hype around things they announced and released. One of my friends use to work at Microsoft doing that, it's weird but probably a pretty cool job :-P

Glad Sony listened to their fans, I'm hoping this game is awesome!



hYdeks commented on The PS4 Is Absolutely Destroying The Competiti...:

I use to be PlayStation gamer until last gen, I tried the PS3 and felt let down by it and favoured the 360. This gen I naturally tried a Xbox one first, liking the 360, but I found I hated the system! I just purchased a ps4 recently and can easily say that the ps4 is definitely better, and Sony definitely has ne back as a fan! ! :-)



hYdeks commented on Japanese Sales Charts: The Devil May Cry at Th...:

@Gamer83 yea your right, they probably would. I don't actually like alot of fps either so I would agree with them on that, and I do like alot of there jrpg's, but other then that their games have no appeal. It's just kinda funny that what works over there doesn't work over here :-P

@Riririn thanks for yet another smart a$$ comment :-P you don't need to agree with me, but keep it to yourself, or just say your reason for disagreeing. You like there games, awesome and good for you, but respect ppls opinion our at least don't be a weiners about it. The way @Gamer83 did it was great, and he made lots of great points in his opinion.



hYdeks commented on Sony: Reclaiming Japanese Gamers Is a Focus fo...:

@Riririn no I'm not announcing how manly I am, so stop being a prick about my opinions. I just don't respect a country that likes things like animal crossing but won't give any of the western made games a chance, and they wonder why we don't give alot of their games a chance. People can have different tastes and opinion on things :-P



hYdeks commented on PlayStation Vita Passes 4 Million Units in Japan:

Well, the vita might not be doing as well as the 3ds or psp, it isn't doing too bad.

Vg charts estimated the world wide sales of the system in fall 2014 at 9.14 million, while Nintendo's Wii U console is around 9.5 million. Considering the vita is doing ok in Japan, it should be at least on par with Wii U sales at least, so over all Sony is doing pretty well, but obviously the portable market is there weak spot.

I hope Sony takes another chance at the portable market, and learns from their mistakes on the system. Personally, I think the vita is better then the 3ds, too bad that Nintendo has that market thanks to easy to pick up and play series, like pokemon and Mario:-P



hYdeks commented on Nintendo's Reggie Is Still Having a Pop at Pla...:

Nintendo is the last company that should be talking any kind of smack. Xbox and PlayStation have been giving there fans exactly what they want, and selling there consoles very well. Xbox and PlayStation listen to there fans and constantly try to please them, Nintendo basically gives there fans the middle finger, laughs at them and saids "you'll buy any crap we make cause it's got the Nintendo name on it and is over looked but Miyamoto", when in truth, your quickly loosing your fans, even the most loyal fans are moving away from you.

Reggie is right, there not in the business of operating systems and tv sets like your competition, you are only the gaming business, and yet the companies that do the operating systems and make the tv's are kicking your a$$ in the only business you guys do!

I think it's time Nintendo goes third party....i thought i would NEVER say that, or they should get rid of Iwata, Reggie, and Miyamoto and bring in some younger people that know what gamers now a days want. Also, it would hurt for Nintendo to listen to it's western gamers and branches instead of just the stupid Japanese branch.



hYdeks commented on Japanese Sales Charts: The Devil May Cry at Th...:

Kinda sad that the Wii U is outselling the ps4 over there...are they on crack? O.o

I think Sony should try and convince the third party developers into making games more for just ps4 instead of having ps3 ports still, that might help sell more ps4's.

Am I the only one that thinks, for the most part, Japan likes crappy games? Lol



hYdeks commented on Reaction: Sony Proves That PS4's Got a Strangl...:

I'll be honest, I'm thinking of going back to PlayStation and getting a ps4, especially after Nintendo's very unsatisfactory e3. Sony showed alot of great stuff that I wanted and got me hyped about there stuff, something your suppose to do, but seemingly Nintendo forgot -_-



hYdeks commented on Reaction: Sony Delivers the Greatest E3 Press ...:

I'm not even that much into PlayStation, but even I would admit Sony had a great conference this year and announced alot of great stuff that would get me to even buy a ps4! As for the Xbox conference; it horrible, predictable and crappy, just admit it Xbox fans, Microsoft has basically nothing that big to offer. glad I sold my bad Xbox one console, especially after that horrible conference.

Please watch the language -Tasuki-



hYdeks commented on Reaction: Xbox's E3 2015 Attempts to Block PS4...:

As ex Microsoft fan, and as someone who owned a Xbox one and sold it, all Sony had to do is come out and say "where Sony" and they win over Microsoft lol seriously, Microsoft has gone to junk since the Xbox one release! ! The console is horrible, and there are no original games being made at all, just another halo, yet another forza, And some stupid gears remake no one asked for! I'm a huge Nintendo fan and love my Wii U, but when I start wanting more of the higher graphical games, I'm definitely going ps4, cause sony has great third party AND great first party that Microsoft can't even compete with.

Please watch the language -Tasuki-



hYdeks commented on What Do You Mean You've Never Played... Breath...:

ohh ya, well I never played ANY Breath of Fire game! :-P I watched my uncle play the first one alil' on SNES, and my friend play alil' of IV on PSOne, but I never ever thought to get into the series for some reason oO



hYdeks commented on Gamescom 2014: Microsoft All But Confirms That...:

So basically your being smug cause it will eventually come to the PS4 well after the people on the Xbox One/ 360 have played it and moved on?

I also love how bullheaded you PlayStation fans are, it's



hYdeks commented on You Could Get a Sequel to Xbox One Exclusive R...:

i thought they said there was no chance of a sequel....these people have no idea anymore :-P

I love Ryse, but if there is gonna be a sequel, make the single player WAAAAY longer and it better come to Xbox One or I'll be p/o'ed! (it doesn't need to Xbox One exclusive though, it might be best to be on PC, One, and PS4 in order to get bigger sales)



hYdeks commented on PS4 Shooter Evolve Devolves Until February 2015:

I was looking forward to getting this in October, but if it's coming out in February it will be overlooked by Batman Arkham Knight and The Witcher 3 among other great games. They should have just kept the October release date :-P



hYdeks commented on BioShock's Swimming to a Smartphone Near You, ...:

kinda insulting to the vita fans that where promised a Bioshock. They are willing to port Bioshock to phones but not to a powerful portable like the vita? Very insulting, but it kinda shows that Sony's Vita is basicly on no one radar anymore.



hYdeks commented on Sony Wants to Win Nintendo Wii Owners with the...:

Sony has some things that interest the Nintendo fans (jrpgs, anime games etc.) but Nintendo fans basically see Microsoft and Sony's first party efforts as kind of laughable compared to Nintendo's.

It's Sony vs Microsoft, will always be that way, Nintendo is in a class of their own now-a-days.



hYdeks commented on Could PS3's Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Come t...:

@get2sammyb Yes and no, I want to play this game but since I bought a new next gen system (Xbox One, please don't hate me lol) I would rather play it on a next gen system. I hope they do decide to release this on X1 and PS4, it would be the smart thing to do to make everyone happy.



hYdeks commented on Review: Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark (...:

woah woah woah, Michael Bay's latest abomination? Have you seen the new movie, it's actually really good! The whole picking on Michael Bay's movies thing is really old, especially since his Transformer movies have been pretty good, and the TMNT movie looks like it's gonna be awesome! (watch the 2nd trailer, its way better).



hYdeks commented on The PlayStation 4 Just Can't Catch A Break In ...:

well, there isn't really much in the way of games yet, this could easily change by Christmas time.

It seems Japanese people are actually more interested in portable game consoles, by the looks of it :-P Who could blame them with how great the games look on there now, and the PSVita does have alot of rpgs. As for the Wii U, it does have great games out for it now, maybe that' why it's ahead right now?



hYdeks commented on The PS4 Dev Team Were 'Dancing in The Aisles' ...:

it was at first, but that quickly left when sony raised the price from $399 to $450 in Canada :-P So I basicly had a choice of buying a Xbox One with Kinect and Titanfall for $499, or just PS4 for $450, and now with the cheaper kinect-less Xbox One system at $399, the PS4 isnt exactly anymore appealing :-P

I dont have a next gen console yet, Im still deciding, but its so far between me getting the kinect-less Xbox One ($399) or the White PS4 Destiny bundle coming out in September ($499, but it comes with Playstation Plus and Destiny :-P) I gotta be honest, even though I was hard at Sonys E3 presentation this year, deciding between a Xbox One and PS4 is probably the toughest console decision Ive ever had.



hYdeks commented on Push Rewind: E3's Best PS4 Games, Vita's AAA D...:

Not a bad week following E3, but Im still very depressed with Sony basically coming out and saying they pretty well give up on the Vita as well, I think that had to be a stupidest thing they ever said, cause now the sales will probably be even worse, and now Im considering trading it up for a 3DS :-P