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Mon 30th May, 2011

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hYdeks commented on What Do You Mean You've Never Played... Breath...:

ohh ya, well I never played ANY Breath of Fire game! :-P I watched my uncle play the first one alil' on SNES, and my friend play alil' of IV on PSOne, but I never ever thought to get into the series for some reason oO



hYdeks commented on Gamescom 2014: Microsoft All But Confirms That...:

So basically your being smug cause it will eventually come to the PS4 well after the people on the Xbox One/ 360 have played it and moved on?

I also love how bullheaded you PlayStation fans are, it's



hYdeks commented on You Could Get a Sequel to Xbox One Exclusive R...:

i thought they said there was no chance of a sequel....these people have no idea anymore :-P

I love Ryse, but if there is gonna be a sequel, make the single player WAAAAY longer and it better come to Xbox One or I'll be p/o'ed! (it doesn't need to Xbox One exclusive though, it might be best to be on PC, One, and PS4 in order to get bigger sales)



hYdeks commented on PS4 Shooter Evolve Devolves Until February 2015:

I was looking forward to getting this in October, but if it's coming out in February it will be overlooked by Batman Arkham Knight and The Witcher 3 among other great games. They should have just kept the October release date :-P



hYdeks commented on BioShock's Swimming to a Smartphone Near You, ...:

kinda insulting to the vita fans that where promised a Bioshock. They are willing to port Bioshock to phones but not to a powerful portable like the vita? Very insulting, but it kinda shows that Sony's Vita is basicly on no one radar anymore.



hYdeks commented on Sony Wants to Win Nintendo Wii Owners with the...:

Sony has some things that interest the Nintendo fans (jrpgs, anime games etc.) but Nintendo fans basically see Microsoft and Sony's first party efforts as kind of laughable compared to Nintendo's.

It's Sony vs Microsoft, will always be that way, Nintendo is in a class of their own now-a-days.



hYdeks commented on Could PS3's Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Come t...:

@get2sammyb Yes and no, I want to play this game but since I bought a new next gen system (Xbox One, please don't hate me lol) I would rather play it on a next gen system. I hope they do decide to release this on X1 and PS4, it would be the smart thing to do to make everyone happy.



hYdeks commented on Review: Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark (...:

woah woah woah, Michael Bay's latest abomination? Have you seen the new movie, it's actually really good! The whole picking on Michael Bay's movies thing is really old, especially since his Transformer movies have been pretty good, and the TMNT movie looks like it's gonna be awesome! (watch the 2nd trailer, its way better).



hYdeks commented on The PlayStation 4 Just Can't Catch A Break In ...:

well, there isn't really much in the way of games yet, this could easily change by Christmas time.

It seems Japanese people are actually more interested in portable game consoles, by the looks of it :-P Who could blame them with how great the games look on there now, and the PSVita does have alot of rpgs. As for the Wii U, it does have great games out for it now, maybe that' why it's ahead right now?



hYdeks commented on The PS4 Dev Team Were 'Dancing in The Aisles' ...:

it was at first, but that quickly left when sony raised the price from $399 to $450 in Canada :-P So I basicly had a choice of buying a Xbox One with Kinect and Titanfall for $499, or just PS4 for $450, and now with the cheaper kinect-less Xbox One system at $399, the PS4 isnt exactly anymore appealing :-P

I dont have a next gen console yet, Im still deciding, but its so far between me getting the kinect-less Xbox One ($399) or the White PS4 Destiny bundle coming out in September ($499, but it comes with Playstation Plus and Destiny :-P) I gotta be honest, even though I was hard at Sonys E3 presentation this year, deciding between a Xbox One and PS4 is probably the toughest console decision Ive ever had.



hYdeks commented on Push Rewind: E3's Best PS4 Games, Vita's AAA D...:

Not a bad week following E3, but Im still very depressed with Sony basically coming out and saying they pretty well give up on the Vita as well, I think that had to be a stupidest thing they ever said, cause now the sales will probably be even worse, and now Im considering trading it up for a 3DS :-P



hYdeks commented on Bungie's Destiny Will Be Fulfilled Exclusively...:

I really doubt they will make much money in Japan with Destiny. As for the Bungie game being exclusively published in Japan by Sony and they're relationship with them being weird, Insomniac made Ratchet and Clank basically a well known mascot for them, now they're making an exclusive for Xbox One (Sunset Overdrive) and supporting Xbox.



hYdeks commented on E3 2014: A Staggering Number of Xbox Fans Have...:

and again sony saids everyones running to their ps4 :-P well guess what sony, I went for ps3 to xbox 360 and xbox one, so suck it lol only reason some people went from xbox 360 to ps4 is because they just want the most powerful machine (go pc morons!). Ps4 interests me, but Xbox One is getting more and better exclusive games.

Sometimes I feel like just buying a Wii U and saying the hell with the PlayStation vs Xbox minor differences crap :-P



hYdeks commented on E3 2014: Destiny Will Be PS4's Biggest System ...:

I agree with Sony, I think it will be the top game this year! As for that Destiny bundle, it does have my interest and I have been fighting between getting a Xbox One, or pre-ordering this bundle and getting a PS4.

Btw, am I the only one that thought it weird/ funny that Bungie seemed to be big partners with Sony now, while Insomniac seems to be big partners with Microsoft? Just saying, it felt unnatural lol



hYdeks commented on E3 2014: This Footage Proves That The Order: 1...:

I was amazed with the trailer, but even though the game looked great, it seemed very cinematic and linear when they showed it off. I think Ill wait till it releases and gets reviewed before Im interested in this.



hYdeks commented on E3 2014: Uncharted 4: A Thief's End Will Be th...:

I like Uncharted, but no series should stay around forever, itll just start getting dull. I rather the series go with a bang, then see game after game and see the series turn into something people are sick of (right call of duty? :-P)



hYdeks commented on Talking Point: Why Is Sony Saving Its PS4 Reve...:

it would have been nice if they showed some more stuff coming later, but that wasnt the problem at all with their conference. The problem was it was a 2 hour long sleeping pill that had bits of info we wanted wrapped around information they took forever to say that we didnt care much about lol I think Sony should hire celebrities next year to do there announcements, cause all those suits the had on the stage where dull people :-P



hYdeks commented on Poll: What Was Your Favourite PlayStation Game...:

No Mans Sky is the top so far....really?!!? Ooooookkkk....

For me, it was Batman Arkham Knight, and Im looking forward to Tales of Hearts R, even though they showed nothing of it other than a brief mention of it (there you go @AVahne, some Vita love for you ;-) lol)



hYdeks commented on E3 2014: What Ever Happened to Suda 51's PS4 E...:

I use to like Suda 51 games, theyre very unique and he knows how to screw with your head and make very entertaining games. When they showed the Let it Die trailer, however, I was very underwelmed and actually very disgusted with it. I will definitely not be playing this Suda 51 game, he has basicly lost my interest ever since Shadows of the Damned.



hYdeks commented on Reaction: Poor Pacing Disrupts Otherwise Excel...:

ok, I think I watched a different sony press conference, cause it was basicly a 2 hour sleeping pill lol I think the judgement that this was a excellent conference is only made because your fanboys, but in general, that was horrible and they only showed like 3 good things (the order, littlebigplanet 3, and uncharted 4).

So far, I will say that Ubisoft is the best, with Microsoft not far behind them, hell even Nintendo is more interesting with the announcement of a Star Fox for the Wii U already before they even start there Nintendo Direct! All Sony did was show **** we already knew, threw in littlebigplanet 3, batman scarecrow boring stuff, and uncharted 4 at the end, barely any mention of vita was PATHETIC and the amount of exclusive stuff coming to the Xbox One made Sonys PS4 look terrible. Hopefully, Sony will show something good after the show, but otherwise, Sony should be ashamed at that show.

And what the heck was up with the fake letters, those where terrible! A 12/10 year old writing in crayon like a kindergardener....really!? I knew how to write in cursive by that age ¬¬



hYdeks commented on Talking Point: Will Sony Have Enough PS4 Mater...:

Microsofts conference was impressive, they showed the Xbox fans basicly what they wanted, but I wouldnt count out Sony. I think their conference is gonna be just as amazing with exclusives for the PS4, and hopefull more reason to own a Vita with some more impressive games.



hYdeks commented on Talking Point: What Are Your Hopes and Fears f...:

my fear: they will show absolutely nothing for the vita, that would really really suck :-(

my hopes: Left 4 Dead 3, Borderlands 3 (not the pre-sequel, but a REAL next gen Borderlands), Diablo 3 port on Vita (come on! they brought borderlands 2 perfectly over :-P) and see some kingdom hearts 3 in action. I have more hopes, but I dont wanna get ahid of myself and get disappointed lol



hYdeks commented on Rumour: Will an Official PS4 and Vita Bundle B...:

I think people would be interested in it, if the price is right. Right now, you can get a Vita for $199.99 with a 8GB memory stick and Borderlands 2 (comes with a 8 gb for a reason, trust me ¬¬) So if this is priced at $599, I would say theres no point, but if they made it around $50-$100 cheaper ( like @rjejr said) then I think people would definitely grab this bundle, but I gotta be honest, Im alil disappointed theres no games included in the bundle pictured above :-(



hYdeks commented on Level Up Your PSN Library with North American ...:

nice alil flash sale again, Ill grab a couple games, I already have alot of games to play as it is, though :-P

@SunnyShores well, considering the only RPG I can think of came out a couple months ago (A Realm Reborn: Final Fantasy XIV) I really really doubt there gonna have any PS4 RPG games on sale :-P Maybe next year, or the year after, way too early right now.



hYdeks commented on Farewell Old Friend! Sony to Cease Selling the...:

ohh good, Im not the only one that read the header wrong and thought it said Vita lol I just bought my Vita Slim and I love my Vita!

As for the PSP, I gotta be honest, I thought they stopped production on that already, cause finding a PSP where I live is pretty impossible, unless you go online :-P



hYdeks commented on Microsoft: PS4 Is Outperforming Xbox One Becau...:

Everyones smarta$$ comments aside, I agree with a degree. The Xbox 360 was amazing from the start and is still an amazing system, its downfalls are the dvd player. Now with PS3, its downfall was the first couple years of its life (controller with no rumble, stupid six axis, no trophy support) honestly, the ps3 didnt feel really next gen, aside from the games and the blu-ray player. I think people are upgrading from PS3 to PS4 because they love the new changes that Sony has made, while with Xbox 360 and One, they seem very similar other then the multimedia functions and the graphics.

Honestly, its hard to say why for sure....maybe Sony just did everything right at the beginning, and Xbox fans knew Microsoft screwed up so much there waiting for them to fix their mistakes (making a Kinect-less bundle at $399 is a big help).



hYdeks commented on Reaction: Xbox One's PS4 Impersonation Improve...:

People who want a Xbox One will just be more interested in buying one now more then ever, because now it doesnt come with the stupid camera and $100 more price tag, but if all you care about is which console is slightly more powerful, that pretty sad. You know Xbox fans are gonna get Xbox for when Halo and that come out, plus they probably have a loyalty to Xbox and want to keep up their achievements lol :-P

Me personally, Im undecided as of yet, Im just leaning towards PS4 more cause I know it will get more Japanese RPGs, but I cant lie and say Xbox One hasnt interested me too, considering it gets exclusives like Titanfall, amongst other PC games that usually come to Xbox consoles (Left 4 Dead 1 and 2).