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Mon 30th May, 2011

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hYdeks commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Batman Arkham Knight (PS4): finishing off the game and trying to get platinum.

Destiny (PS4): still at the beginning, but will get further in it this weekend.

Sonic 1/ 2/ CD (Android): yea, I'm playing some Sonic on my phone



hYdeks commented on Sony: We Cannot Entertain People Without Tryin...:

I have a feeling a bundle with the headset, PlayStation move, and a game will be what we get, and I'm gonna guess the price at around $250

Honestly, I do agree with Sony that they need to do things like this to satisfy fans. One thing they will need to do is have a demo station for this thing in ebgames/Wal-Mart/ Best Buy stores though just to get ppl to try it and really get on board with this product, why, because alot of us still remember Virtual Boy lol



hYdeks commented on Aussie Store Wants You to Know That Metal Gear...:

I think it's abit stupid too, I'm gonna buy it because it's Metal Gear Solid game, not because Kojima's name is on it I didn't play the other games just because it had Kojima's official seal of quality on it lol



hYdeks commented on Puck Off! NHL 16 Scores PS4 Bundle in Canada:

I would have gotten this if I didn't already have a ps4 I do plan to buy the game, though. Unlike alot of ppl, I enjoyed NHL 15 on ps4, but that might be because i got it for $10 new instead of at launch for $70 new lol

@get2sammyb UK well never embrace hockey, just like we will never embrace soccer/football lol



hYdeks commented on PS Vita Prototype Looked a Lot Like the PSPgo:

That design is ugly, I like design they ended up with. Only problem is that I wish they kept SD card support, cause that's one problem most ppl have with the vita: the expensive memory cards.



hYdeks commented on First Impressions: Eyes-On with PS4's Virtual ...:

A tv screen is good enough for me I'm the type of person that needs to stay in reality, this puts you in the game alil too much for me. Sounds great though, and I bet it will be the new big hype like the Wii remote was



hYdeks commented on The Taken King Is Looking More and More Like W...:

I just started playing Destiny a couple days ago cause ebgames canada had it on sale for $10 new, and I've been absolutely loving the game, so I really don't understand the hated this game gets from ppl. The new expansion looks really good, so I will probably get it eventually, but for now I'm just having fun with the beginning of the game



hYdeks commented on SNES Smash Super Star Wars Heading to PS4:

A super nintendo game coming to ps4 has to be making the Nintendo fans mad...and it's a great game like super star wars to boot you just know the ppl ppl on Nintendo life are wondering why the hell they don't have it in Wii U.



hYdeks commented on The Force Is with This Limited Edition Star Wa...:

The star wars ppl will definitely be throwing their money at you, Sony.

The design isn't that bad in my opinion, but I'm not really a star wars fan anymore.

@Snorky me too, 500gb is definitely too small of a hdd. I had to upgrade to 2tb not to long after buying my system



hYdeks commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Sonic Unleashed (PS3): playing this to satisfy my sonic craving lately...and yes, I am in the minority and love this game lol

Ratchet and Clank A Crack in Time (PS3): finishing off the game; going for platinum!

NHL 15 (PS4): bought it new for $10, and with how many modes that are missing, I figured that was a his price to pick it up.

Destiny (PS4): also got this new for $10, can't wait to finally get into this game! Watching ppl play it on twitch has made me want this game



hYdeks commented on Kendra Wilkinson Says Everything You Need to K...:

She's so hot, I love her! O.O (for ppl that don't know, she was one of heffs bunnies at playboy, was on the girls next door)

Can't wait for this game, I haven't played any in the series in awhile but this one sounds promising.



hYdeks commented on It Doesn't Matter That EA Access Isn't on PS4,...:

I think the service should be on ps4, there is always ppl interested in these kind of services, and Sony shouldn't stop this from coming to the system.

I personally don't play alot of EA games anymore, I only play their NHL games, so it's not worth it to me, but I know alot of ppl that would live this if it was on ps4.



hYdeks commented on Japan's Holding Back the PlayStation 4:

I think Japan is weird for really liking smartphone games like they do I like the odd game on my phone, but it will never replace a console.

I think sales in Japan will take off when they stop making a game on both PS3 and PS4, and exclusive next gen games like FFX and Dragon Quest come out. So far there isn't alot of reasons to upgrade consoles though just because most the games are still coming out to PS3.



hYdeks commented on Out This Week: Everybody's Gone to the Rapture...:

Looking forward to gauntlet slayer edition, it looks good, and I've always loved gauntlet games! The rapture game I've heard alot about, so I might have to give that a go too, especially since I love Santa Monica studios games and they have involvement in this game



hYdeks commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Final Fantasy IX (PSONE): on disc 3, and really loving this game!

Guacamelee STCE (PS4): got it in the NA summer sale week 1 and love re- playing this game.

Sonic Generations (PS3): will be trying to get a platinum in this game.



hYdeks commented on Sony: We Let Our First-Party Teams Create With...:

Basically Sony does the opposite of Nintendo, which is a good thing

The games coming out from Sony's first party studio's are really impressive and got alot of originality to them, and I can't wait for games like horizon to come out.



hYdeks commented on A Boy and His Blob to Eat Magic Beans on PS4:

@Tasuki yes, Sega was very popular in Europe, but UK loved their computers more then consoles at that time. Also, the master system was absolutely huge success in Brazil

Personally, I always loved Sega more then Nintendo, but everyone had a NES over here, and Nintendo has strict rules on third party that made Sega not able to get alot of the same games, so ppl thought I was crazy for liking them lol



hYdeks commented on Gamescom 2015: Final Fantasy XV Team in Talks ...:

I love final fantasy, I'm a really big fan, but this is getting ridiculous!! Stop changing things and release the freaking thing already -_- I really want this game, but constantly hearing news like this is bumming me out and making me worried about this game.



hYdeks commented on Yakuza 5 May Be the Last PS3 Exclusive You Mus...:

What you mean hook back up my PS3, I still play my original PSOne and get games for that, I'll never un - hook that thing! Lol yea, of course I'll be playing this, I still play my ps3 more then my ps4, and Yakuza is great! Any reason to play a Sega game is also a plus



hYdeks commented on Gamescom 2015: Will PS4's VR Headset Project M...:

You need to show off in stores why ppl should buy this thing and why it adds to your gaming experience to justify the price. Most people are happy with just a normal controller, so you need too show a very good reason why this new device will enhance their gaming experience, then people well definitely buy it.