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hYdeks commented on Japanese Sales Charts: PS4 Sales Dip as New Ga...:

They really need to stop making games for both ps3 and ps4 and just make them for ps4 so the console will get more sales. I agree that when final fantasy xv and Dragon quest xi come out the system will sale like crazy.

Japan really likes games that us westerners wouldn't care much for :-P



hYdeks commented on Will Dragon Quest XI Come West? Square Enix Do...:

It damn well better come to the west!!! I'm sick of Square Enix doing this to us! It's hard to live this series when they never think of is westerners and constantly release the games on shitty Nintendo consoles.



hYdeks commented on Dragon Quest XI Is Officially Confirmed for PS4:

Great it's coming to ps4, now we need a localization announcement so we get it.

It's really weird that Dragon quest x and xi are coming to NX, already a good start to a console no one knows nothin about. However, no matter what games they announce for the system, I have no faith in Nintendo anymore and won't get it :-P



hYdeks commented on Square Enix Knew Rise of the Tomb Raider's Tim...:

So basically what I'm hearing is that Microsoft dropped a bunch of money in front of them and like the whore they are, they took the money :-P

Honestly, this is a very stupid decision and could quite possibly make the game receive less sales because of this. I know personally, after reading this I kinda don't want the game as much, unless it's a bargain price, which it should be when it comes to ps4.



hYdeks commented on Yep, We're Definitely Seeing Dragon Quest XI T...:

I really hope it's coming to ps4, because the last time I got to play dragon quest was VIII on ps2, and that's just too long ago for my liking. I'm really hoping this isn't yet another Dragon quest game for Nintendo console, PlayStation it's due for another entry.



hYdeks commented on Here's the Difference Between God of War III o...:

So slightly prettier graphics and faster frame rate is suppose to justify buying a game you can buy for PS3 for like $7-8 and buy it on PS4 for $40? Yea, I'm a huge God of War fan, but I'll gladly wait for a price drop. I still say Sony should have released the whole God of War Saga remastered to justify the price.



hYdeks commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Final Fantasy IX (PSOne): never really played this game back in the day, so I bought it new off eBay and I've been enjoying it alot!

Sonic CD (PS3): Been wanting to play some Sonic lately, and since Sega is stupidly releasing their Sonic games on (Wii U), I decided to play the psn games I have on PS3, since I may never get a ps4 entry any time soon :-(

Please watch the language -Tasuki-



hYdeks commented on Metal Gear Solid V Will Inflict 25GB of Phanto...:

@Timvp2120 I bought a Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB, ripped it open and took the Samsung M9T hdd out of it and put out into my ps4. It's a recommended hdd for the ps4 and it works very well. The best part is that it's the cheapest way to get a Samsung M9T hdd, and instead of the port being soldered on like most portable hdd, it's just a lil connector you disconnect. Also, you can stick the old ps4 hdd in the case and format it to use as a external hdd if you wanted. Watch this video >>

Best Buy link to purchase: ...2TB one for $90. Hope this helps :-)

25 gb is actually really nice after the batman arkham knight 52gb :-P



hYdeks commented on Review: Game of Thrones: Episode 5 - A Nest of...:

This is kinda sad to hear considering I rather enjoyed the first three parts of this so far, but I do have to say that I have run into some game stopping bugs in this title, and I've never had that before in a telltale game.



hYdeks commented on Review: Tembo the Badass Elephant (PS4):

"Tembo the Badass Elephant is made even more frustrating by the fact that it doesn't flat out suck"....umm...ok? I'm not sure how to take this review or this game, maybe wait for it to be cheaper or a sale? :-P

I guess Game Freak only knows how to make simple rpgs, like Pokemon games, and nothing else...



hYdeks commented on Watch the Crash Bandicoot Cartoon That Never Was:

@BLPs yea, I kinda thought the same thing :-P

Coco was first seen in crash 2 and is his sister, Tawna is the girl he tries to rescue in crash 1.

For the time, this cartoon probably would have been pretty sweet, don't exactly care much for the ending where they say "buy our games so we can make lots of money" part though, that's just retarded.



hYdeks commented on Review: God of War III Remastered (PS4):

I love god of war, but I'll gladly wait for a price cut on this game before picking it up. If they really wanted my money, they should have released God of War Saga remastered instead.



hYdeks commented on Shenmue III Smashes Records, Secures $6.3 Mill...:

Couldn't be happier to hear all this! :-)

Since they made so much, I really hope they release a physical copy of the game in stores for ps4.

As for Sega, be smart and release Shenmue 1 and 2 on the psn, or in a hd collection for ps4, PLEASE!!



hYdeks commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Batman Arkham Knight (PS4): at the beginning still, but so far the game is awesome, just wish they didn't make you use the batmobile as much as they make you.

Sonic Generations (PS3): haven't played out in forever and feel like some Sonic goodness :-)

God of War Series (PS3): there is no way I'm paying $40 for a game on PS3 that you can get for $7, so instead I bought god of war collection and god of war 3 both for $13 so I'll be playing the ps2, ps3, and psp games this weekend. Plan to play Ascension after playing all these.

Game of Thrones (PS4): on episode 3 and plan to continue that as well. Excellent game so far!!



hYdeks commented on Soapbox: Why I Love Shenmue:

Before i got into PlayStation (and to a lesser, Xbox) I basically only played Sega consoles and games, and shenmue 1 and 2 where my favourite games by Yu Suzuki, and that says alot considering he made alot of classics!

Sega would be smart to capitalize on the shenmue 3 release and bring it a shenmue 1 and 2 collection for pc and ps4.



hYdeks commented on Japanese Sales Charts: PlayStation's Road to N...:

Sony's consoles are in second and third so that's not exactly bad, but damn don't they love weird games over there! I seen that yo kai watch game at e3 and thought it was a joke, but it's doing ridiculously well over there!



hYdeks commented on PlayStation Pays Its Respects to Nintendo's Sa...:

Really respected Iwata, and I was deeply sad to hear of his passing when I went to this website. RIP Iwata, you where definitely one the best, and one of themost influential people to grace this industry.

@Gemuarto I'm going to ignore your very insensitive comment and give you a chance to just delete what you said. If you don't have anything nice to say, just don't say anything and respect others opinions.



hYdeks commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Watch dogs: finishing up the small things like fixer contracts and that, then finish of the game. So far it's a great game, can't wait to hear a watch dogs 2 is coming.

Batman Arkham Knight: will be finally starting this after beating watch dogs.



hYdeks commented on Liverpool's Jordan Henderson Is Officially FIF...:

Yup, I'm definitely from NA, I don't know anything about fifa or the people talked about on here lol I guess fifa games are the big game in Europe just like Madden is in the states and EA's NHL is in Canada :-P



hYdeks commented on Wii U Exclusive ZombiU Looks Likely to Rot PS4:

Upgrade the graphics, get rid of the touch controls completely, and have it for a cheaper price and I'll likely give it a try. They should have released this on PlayStation and Xbox in the first place, instead of wasting their time on a Nintendo console :-P