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Mon 30th May 2011

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hYdeks commented on Weirdness: Zombi Rises Again for Retail on PS4:

It's only coming out in Europe from what I hear, so no. I tried playing this game on Wii U, and I didn't like it then, so I have no interest in playing this game on a system it wasn't really designed for.



hYdeks commented on Feature: 25 Games That Will Make PS4's 2016 In...:

I predict I'm gonna be very, very poor next year lol so many great games I want coming, and I'm already behind on games I want to play.

I voted Final Fantasy XV, but honestly, all those games in looking forward too.



hYdeks commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Knack (PS4): on chapter 12 on hard, so almost done the game!

Final Fantasy XIV (PS4): will be lvling up my black mage, like always.

Mega Man Anniversary Collection (PS2): will be finishing off playing Mega Man 4, then moving on to the 5th.



hYdeks commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Mega Man Anniversary Collection (PS2): I will be finishing off Mega Man 3, just like @Tasuki, then moving on to Mega Man 4.

Final Fantasy XIV (PS4): Will be continuing to play as my lvl 38 black mage.

Knack (PS4): on chapter 10 on hard, and probably will be finishing the game this weekend. This game oddly reminds me of Crash Bandicoot in the style of gamely

@Tasuki the genesis version is way better. If you want a free one up, at the beginning of the desert level, there will be mickey ears on a cloths line, line up Aladdin's head with the ears and you'll hear a "puke" noise that said you did it right!



hYdeks commented on Round Up: Need for Speed PS4 Reviews Apply the...:

I haven't liked a need for speed game since the underground series, and this game definitely doesn't look like it'll get me back into the franchise.

I wish they would bring out a new Burnout game, that is a franchise I would love to get back into!



hYdeks commented on Rise of the Tomb Raider's Launch Trailer Readi...:

I think it was a huge mistake to release this exclusively on xbox for a year before playstation ppl get too. All I know it's when it comes to ps4, it better come with the dlc for free with the game , or the game at a cheaper retail price to interest me.



hYdeks commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Mega Man X Collection (PS2): Finishing off Mega Man X4 as Zero, then moving on to Mega Man X5.

Final Fantasy XIV (PS4): Continue lvling up my Black Mage.

Knack (PS4): Just bought it for $13, so I will be starting this game this weekend.



hYdeks commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Final Fantasy XIV (PS4): lvl 32 black mage so far

Mega Man Anniversary Collection (PS2): playing through mega man 1 for the first time. Fun game, but right when you get to Dr wily stages, holy $#!+ does the game get hard!



hYdeks commented on Surprise! Sony Isn't Working on First-Party Ti...:

I find Sony really disappointed me with the Vita. It's such a great machine, but since it wasn't an instant success, they gave up on it! Sony could learn from Nintendo and it's 3DS, it started off horribly, but they fixed it, and now it's selling very well.

I keep wanting to buy a Vita and support the handheld, cause I have played them alot, and really enjoy the system, but Sony not even supporting the system with their own games is just pathetic. -_-



hYdeks commented on Talking Point: What Are You Playing This Weeke...:

Final Fantasy XIV (PS4): Will be lvling up my thaumaturge.

Mega Man X Collection (PS2): finishing off playing Mega Man X3, then will be moving on to Mega Man X4.

I'll be doing this when I'm not busy doing work outside,and watching hockey.



hYdeks commented on Yoshida: PlayStation VR Is Not Another PS Move...:

If I see the games, and they do a good job of getting people to demo the thing in stores, I would get it. I wasn't interested in it at first, but now I can sorta see how this can make playing games more interactive. I also think the Ps move finally has a good reason to live because of PSVR.

And to be fair about the playstation's 3D TV, it was a good idea, but it was alil ahead of its time. People weren't worried about 3D hdtvs at that time, they where just happy to get a hdtvs at all lol.



hYdeks commented on October's PlayStation Plus Lineup Is Going to ...:

All I hear is alot of whining from ppl on here. I'll be getting Super Meat Boy, Broken Age, Chariot, and Kung Fu Rabbit. Honestly, this months selections aren't that bad, I thought last months offers where way worse.



hYdeks commented on Poll: Has Destiny Won You Back With The Taken ...:

Honestly, I stopped playing it right when the huge update for the taken king came out. It's a good game, but I think it's stupid they just changed the voice of ghost to North, really took me right out of the game, that it was one day one voice, then the next when I had to redo the quest, it was some annoying voice. I'll get back into it, but I rather play other games right now.



hYdeks commented on Even Xbox's Boss Is Planning for a PS4 Price D...:

I think ppl wanting a price drop are just kidding themselves I expect one next year, but not this year, and it will probably be from $400 to $350, expecting it to go any lower would probably be ridiculous.