Dreams PS4 PlayStation 4 1

Dreams is already a hall-of-famer, but it’s a game that’s only going to get better with time. And one area it will improve is with Media Molecule’s promised PlayStation VR support, which is “nearly done” according to technical director Alex Evans. Chatting about the future of the PlayStation 4 exclusive with Eurogamer.net, he said: “PSVR is in the pipeline and is actually nearly done, to be honest. I’d love to get multiplayer in there, but we haven’t got a date for that as that’s not nearly done.”

Over on Twitter, Evans later shared a photograph of PlayStation indie evangelist Shuhei Yoshida testing out campaign mode Art’s Dream in virtual reality during his Worldwide Studios days. “It was f*cking cool,” the suit beamed.

As for whether we can expect more stories and minigames from Media Molecule within Dreams itself, the LittleBigPlanet maker seems pretty committed to that idea. “We’re a game studio, we’re not tools studio, so they’re going to want to get our teeth into some meaty content,” Evans added. “So I think that we were going to make more games in Dreams for sure – 100 per cent guaranteed.”

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