The Bit.Trip series is an unusual but well liked string of platformers, and the latest game is no different. Runner3 released on Nintendo Switch and PC earlier in the year, but it's now heading to PlayStation 4 with a whole host of gameplay enhancements.

The rhythmic running and jumping looks as enjoyable as ever, but developer Choice Provisions has tweaked the game to ensure its PS4 outing is at its best, including a bunch of fan-requested features. You can now restart a level at any time, for instance, or customise the difficulty to your tastes. Runner3 also has multiple playable characters, branching paths in levels, an item shop, and plenty of other bells and whistles.

It releases on 13th November 2018, in a week's time. For the first two weeks on sale, the game will be available for half price, so if you're into your retro-tinged platformers, this may be worth a look. Are you interested in Runner3? Double jump into the comments below.