deep down ps4.jpeg

Capcom's filed a trademark for the words Deep Down in North America, prompting some optimistic onlookers to wonder whether the publisher has anything new to share. Obviously there's no real way of knowing, but it's worth remembering that the Japanese company has registered similar trademarks multiple times now, and nothing changes the fact that we haven't heard anything proper about the project for roughly two years.

Originally announced in 2013, the action role-playing title was meant to be Capcom's first real step into the current console generation, with its 'revolutionary' Panta Rhei engine promising amazing visuals. It's safe to say that things didn't quite go as planned, and over time, we've heard less and less about the once intriguing dungeon crawler.

So, will Deep Down ever see the light of day? At this point, we're not holding our breath. Even if it does resurface somewhere down the line, we can't see it being the same project that we had high hopes for back in the day - it more than likely won't be running on Panta Rhei for a start.

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