Destiny is a fine looking game on the PlayStation 4, but everything is better when made out of LEGO. These figurines by budding brick builder Exxtrooper prove as much, as they show the impending first-person shooter’s three main classes in miniature form. The getups have been created using hand-designed sticker decals, which appear especially intricate in the middle character’s case.

“I’ve been working on this project since the beta, and since then the Warlock has been re-done four times and took the first three weeks to finalise; the Hunter went through three colour changes (originally green); and, while the most detailed, the Titan only took three days to finalise.” Impressive stuff.

However, now that he has the characters, we want to see Exxtrooper really challenge himself by creating a working replica of the Tower – complete with suicide dance sessions on the docking port, of course.