People really need to be more careful about what they reveal on their LinkedIn profiles. Take rigging supervisor Jeremie Passerin: apparently he spent a chunk of 2012 working on a game cinematic for Dead Rising 3, but the title hasn’t been announced yet. Whoops.

Of course, it’s not the first time that we’ve heard about a sequel to Capcom’s quirky (and occasionally frustrating) franchise. At the end of 2011, rumour had it that new recruit Capcom Vancouver was working on a third entry in the undead series starring an auto mechanic named Rick. It promised the usual mix of zombie slaying and time limits, all wrapped up in the brand new setting of Los Perdidos, California.

Given the combination of rumours, we reckon that it’s probably safe to assume that Dead Rising 3 is a real product. Whether it will actually get announced this century, though, remains to be seen.