Delays are par for the course here in Europe. Things have gotten better over the past decade, but one area that continuously lags behind is the PlayStation Store. SCEE’s keen to point out that the sheer number of languages and laws in Europe makes it difficult to ensure every game gets a simultaneous global release, but it doesn’t stop people from complaining when the inevitable occurs.

The latest mishap to stir up a negative reaction is the news that The Walking Dead: Episode 2 will not be available in Europe anytime soon. Called into action on Twitter – after being subject to a tirade of abuse – Telltale Games’ Alan Johnson has ensured that the developer is working closely with SCEE to ensure that the game is released as quickly as possible overseas.

He said:

EU PSN Store is a bit different in terms of releases. It will be out ASAP there.

Unfortunately, we’ve heard similar comments regarding various releases. Trine 2, for example, took an age to arrive on the European PlayStation Store. Similarly, The Pinball Arcade is still not available overseas – despite the developer promising otherwise.

The situation would perhaps be understandable if it was consistent across all platforms, but Xbox 360 owners in Europe can download The Walking Dead: Episode 2 right now. If Microsoft can handle simultaneous worldwide releases, then why can’t Sony?