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Brahne, the evil Queen of Alexandria, is using highly advanced magical weapons to terrorise neighbouring kingdoms.

Players follow a group of bandits, knights and magicians as they try to foil her plans. The heroes quickly learn that her wicked doings are part of a much larger plot, and as they progress, they learn about the sinister motives of a powerful sorcerer named Kuja.

More than 30 million copies of the Final Fantasy franchise have been sold, making it one of the bestselling video-game series ever. This edition offers new characters and 3-D environments, plus a rich story line — one of the hallmarks of the series — as well as a new point-based spell-casting system and an item-based ability-learning system.

8 unique characters that use a variety of weapons, magic and abilities
A magical world with superbly detailed pre-rendered environments
Almost one hour of seamlessly integrated full motion videos

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zezhyrule said:

This is my absolute favorite FF game. Everything about it is so perfect. And the music is just amazing.

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