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  • News The Golf Club 2019 Tees Up Official PGA Tour Licence

    Par for the course

    The licence for official PGA Tour golf video games was held by EA for a long time, but the agreement has now reached its end. Instead, the organisation has partnered with HB Studios to bring licensed courses to The Golf Club 2019. The game will feature a career mode that takes players through Q-School, the Web.com tour, and then...

  • News The Golf Club 2019 Swings by on PS4 This Year

    Putt 'em up

    Canadian developer HB Studios is putting out another entry in its golf simulation series, with The Golf Club 2019 set to swing by on the PlayStation 4 “later this year”. Billed as the official follow-up to last year’s enjoyable sporting sequel, the developer's promising bags of improvements, including a reworked single player...