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  • Site News Don't Forget to Visit Our Sister Site Pure Xbox

    What's an Xbox?

    Look, we’ve got colleagues who bat for the Team in Green, but you really shouldn’t hold that against them. Many of you will already be familiar with our fantastic, marginally-more-family-friendly sibling site Nintendo Life – but did you know we’ve just relaunched Pure Xbox, too? The website has been resurrected ahead of the...

  • News Our Pals at Pure Xbox Have Lost Their Minds, Throw 'Em Some Coins

    Game Blast 15 stream now live

    While this author was happily tucked up in bed, our friends over at Pure Xbox were playing games. Given the kinds of unorthodox hours that editor Ken Barnes keeps, we suppose that that's not so unusual – but the twist this time is that the guys and gals in green are doing it all for charity. This is all part of Game...