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    500 Days of June

    Games are often about how many people you can slaughter, and the efficiency with which you can do so. This makes death abstract – a means to an end. The more death you can cause, the more points you’ll get, and the more points you get, the more likely you are to win. Last Day of June isn't about death in the abstract. In...

  • News Promising PS4 Indie Last Day of June Launches the Last Day of August


    Ovosonico must not suffer with OCD, because it’s dated its promising PlayStation 4 indie title Last Day of June for release on the last day of August. The “emotional interactive journey” will drop on 31st August, with pre-orders opening today and boasting a 25 per cent discount for PlayStation Plus members. The title will cost £14.99 in...

  • News Last Day of June Is a PS4 Game of Love and Loss

    Murasaki Baby maker Ovosonico at the helm

    This sounds promising, doesn’t it? Murasaki Baby maker Ovosonico has announced its long-awaited next project: Last Day of June. The game – a puzzler about love and loss – has some big names attached to it, including musician and record producer Steven Wilson and Jess Cope of Frankenweenie fame. Much...