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  • News Dollhouse Brings Noir Horror to PS4 on 24th May

    Creeping in style

    Dollhouse, the horrific and fascinating psychological scare-fest from developer Creazn Studios, is set to release on PS4 next month on 24th May. Announced via yet another suitably creepy trailer, you can check out some new footage from the game above. Following on from the title's previous story trailer, we know that protagonist...



  • News Dollhouse Brings Dark Noir Horror to the PS4

    Corpse bride

    There are an abundance of horror games on the PlayStation 4 at the moment, many of which clumsily follow the blueprint left behind by Silent Hills' infamous playable teaser. But Dollhouse sounds like something a little different: it's a narrative-driven psychological experience where every choice that you make will shape the story in a...