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  • Review Beach Buggy Racing (PlayStation 4)

    Sea you at the finish line

    Beach Buggy Racing is more Blackpool than the Bahamas. Vector Unit's debut PlayStation 4 outing ditches the basic backdrops of Super Mario Kart's dowdy Donut Plains, and attempts to inject a little sunshine into the humble kart racer by setting the action beside the sea. Despite the Californian company's best intentions,...

  • News Beach Buggy Racing Drifts to PS4 from 29th May

    Soaking up the sun

    If the good weather refuses to return in your part of the world, then Beach Buggy Racing should lift your mood. Vector Unit's adorable kart racer is due out on the PlayStation 4 from 29th May in North America, where it will retail for $9.99. There's no word on Europe just yet, but we do know that the PlayStation Store can update...

  • News Beach Buggy Racing Brings Fun in the Sun to PS4

    Sea what you did there

    Despite the outrageous variety on the PlayStation 4 these days, the device is decidedly light in the racing department. Fortunately, indie developer Vector Unit will at least be attempting to fill that space with kart racer Beach Buggy Racing. Originally released on smartphones, the title promises "an action-packed,...