C-Smash VRS is easily one of the best-supported PSVR2 games on the platform. We already know it's due to get a flat-screen version for PS5 later in the year, but the game as we know it is also due a major update — and it's coming very soon. Tomorrow, 1st May, the futuristic racket sports arcade title will get yet another free major update, the headline addition being Time Attack mode.

Time Attack mode is a fairly self-explanatory way of playing. You're challenged to hit as many blocks with the ball as you can within a time limit, and your score will be thrown onto a monthy leaderboard. Speaking of which, the update makes it so you can filter to the top 10 scores or see where your position is on any of the game's leaderboards.

There's plenty more, though. The update also adds a new Feature Shortcut button on the main menu; this will allow you to navigate the game's various features and modes much quicker. An endless practice mode lets you hone your racket skills, while new options have been added to provide more flexibility with the game's teleportation movement. Basically, you can either make it so the game teleports you to an optimal position to strike the ball, or you can enable a pause time feature to give you more, well, time to reposition. Alternatively, you can choose a reduced movement mode, in which the need to move laterally during play is eliminated. Those latter two options are for single player only, mind.

With new music, more bug fixes, and quality-of-life improvements too, this sounds like another top notch update to C-Smash VRS. Will you be checking all these new features out? Smash into the comments section below.