News - 2023, Week 21

Monday29th May 2023

  • News Sony Will Have More PS5 Presentations This Year, Sources Say

    Although that's not surprising, is it?

    If you include the various State of Play broadcasts, Sony has been hosting multiple livestreams every year for quite some time. This week’s PS Showcase was, however, significant because it was more closely aligned with a traditional E3 press conference – at least, that was the intention, anyway. While there...

  • News Killer Cyborg Bryan Fury Loves to Laugh in Tekken 8 Reveal

    Laugh it up

    A staple of the series since Tekken 3, cyborg madman Bryan Fury returns in Tekken 8 — and he somehow seems even more unhinged than before. His brutal fighting style is very much intact, and he just won't stop laughing. Bryan brings Tekken 8's current roster total to 15, but there's obviously more to come. Bandai Namco hasn't really...

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