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TT Games had made multiple LEGO Star Wars games prior to releasing The Skywalker Saga to huge sales success last year, and it looks like it’s plotting a similar release for the LEGO Harry Potter series. A meaty report from our friends at Nintendo Life reveals that the bulk of the UK studio’s resources are currently being poured into the enormous project, which has affected its project pipeline a bit.

Crucially, sources tell our sister site that a number of in-development titles have been cancelled, including a LEGO Disney release which would have married franchises like The Jungle Book, Nightmare Before Christmas, Toy Story, and more. It seems that the release of Disney Dreamlight Valley – itself a huge hit – was the final nail in the coffin for this game.

But other projects have been binned, including a LEGO Guardians of the Galaxy game, which was in development for a full 18 months before being scrapped. And, according to the report, a new LEGO Batman game has been put on the backburner to make room for the aforementioned Harry Potter project.

Of course, all of this follows previous reports regarding the working culture at the Maidenhead-based studio. Fanbyte reported last year that employees felt the firm had “started to turn a corner” with regards to the mismanagement issues which surfaced during The Skywalker Saga’s troubled development. We’re certainly interested in an expanded version of LEGO Harry Potter, but let’s hope TT Games has learned its lessons, and development goes a little more smoothly this time.